Introducing the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Special Editions

Introducing the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Special Editions


At the 2023 EICMA show, Royal Enfield unveiled two special edition versions of their renowned Hunter 350 motorcycle, one of which featured an eye-catching bikini fairing. This announcement created quite a buzz in the world of motorcycle enthusiasts, as Royal Enfield's 350cc range has a strong following in India. While the company's 350cc models share certain similarities, Royal Enfield has managed to carve out distinct identities for each of them. The Hunter 350 stands out as the sportiest member of this family, and the 2023 EICMA show took its sportiness to new heights with the introduction of these special edition variants.

Hunter 350: A Popular 350cc Choice

Before diving into the special editions, it's essential to understand the appeal of the base model. Indian motorcycle aficionados hold a special place in their hearts for the Hunter 350. One of the lightest and least expensive models in Royal Enfield's range, it provides a distinctive blend of a sporty design with tough, scrambler-inspired styling. The TVS Ronin is its main competitor in the Indian market and offers a very attractive choice for travelers seeking an exciting and reasonably priced excursion.

Special Edition with Fairing: A Stylish Addition

One of the two special editions showcased at the EICMA show comes with a striking fairing that enhances its Café Racer appearance. This is a significant divergence from the usual 350cc models offered by Royal Enfield and is sure to draw interest, this special edition's unique color scheme and fairing are its most noteworthy features.

  • Fairing with a Difference: The fairing is a semi fairing that extends just below the fuel tank, giving the motorcycle a distinctive look. For a more sporty feel, the bike's lower clip-on handlebars need a lean-forward riding stance. The front fairing extends over the instrument console, offering not just style but also some practical wind protection for the rider.
  • Café Racer Transformation: To complete the Café Racer transformation, the seat and rear subframe have undergone significant changes. The unique look instantly identifies this special edition as a Café Racer and distinguishes it from the regular Hunter 350.
  • Eye-Catching Color Scheme: The color scheme is another highlight. The top half of the motorcycle boasts a unique White and Pink combination, while the lower half sports a dark Grey and Neon Yellow scheme. The wheels come with aero covers, and there's an aftermarket free-flowing full system exhaust for enhanced track performance.

King Nerd 350: A Unique Artistic Expression

The second special edition, named King Nerd 350, takes a different approach. Unlike the first special edition, this variant doesn't make significant changes to the bike's components. Instead, it focuses on artistic and stylistic enhancements to give the motorcycle a distinctive personality.

  • Artistic Touch: King Nerd 350 features a Grey base coat with vibrant Orange accents, creating a striking contrast. This contrast extends to the fuel tank, rear subframe, and rear cowl, where artistic patterns add a unique visual appeal.
  • Stylish Seat Design: The seat is adorned with horizontal Orange stripes, and below the seat, there is a leather add-on with Orange accents. This clever addition provides a handy space to carry a water bottle while on the go.
  • Enhanced Tires and Wheel Covers: King Nerd 350 also comes with upsized tires, aero wheel covers, and a headlight cowl that adds a youthful touch. The cowl features a contrasting Orange bezel, further enhancing the bike's visual appeal. The special edition is available in an alternate colorway where Neon Yellow replaces the Orange accents.

By giving the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 a new and distinctive look, these limited edition models increase the bike's appeal and satisfy a wide range of bike lovers' tastes.