Innova HyCross to Rumion: Toyota Cars with Waiting Times of Over 12 Months

Innova HyCross to Rumion: Toyota Cars with Waiting Times of Over 12 Months

If you're thinking about buying a new Toyota car you should be prepared for longer waiting times. Toyota has recently announced that the wait times for several of its car models are much longer than anticipated. Some of these delays might extend well into 2023, and in certain cases, potential buyers may have to wait until Diwali the following year and this news could be disheartening for car enthusiasts eagerly looking forward to their dream Toyota vehicle.

Notably, the most extended waiting times are connected to specific versions of the newly launched Rumion and Innova HyCross MPVs. For these highly sought-after models, customers could be in for a wait of more than 12 months. The Rumion CNG version, in particular, has experienced an overwhelming demand, resulting in astonishing waiting times of up to 18 months. Similarly, the CNG variant of the Urban Cruiser HyRyder, Toyota's compact SUV, is not far behind, with waiting periods reaching up to 16 months.

The Innova HyCross hybrid, one of Toyota's top-selling models in India, is also facing substantial waiting periods. Customers eagerly awaiting this spacious and versatile MPV may have to wait for up to 15 months due to its overwhelming popularity.

Even the luxurious Vellfire model, Toyota's most expensive offering in India, is not exempt from these extended waiting times. In certain regions, potential buyers might encounter a waiting period of approximately 15 months before they can enjoy the premium features of this vehicle.

Given these prolonged waiting periods, it is essential for prospective customers to practice patience and explore alternative options while they eagerly await the arrival of their desired Toyota model. This circumstance highlights Toyota automobiles' ongoing appeal as well as the challenges posed by increased demand and disruptions in the automotive supply chain.