Indizel Bio-Fuel Officially Launched in India

Indizel Bio-Fuel Officially Launched in India

My Eco Energy is someone entirely dotted towards making the world a better place to live thereby introducing so many conventional, low-emission fuels of premium quality. Their mission to move India towards renewable energy have led to the launch of Indizel, a bio-automotive diesel fuel, currently BS-VI compliant. The GST category under bio-fuel have allowed the Indizel to be priced at Rs. 73.33 per litre in Mumbai and Rs. 68.97 per litre in Delhi. The introduction of Indizel has already made the popular charts in India as anyone with a GST number can avail it with benefit of INR 7-8 per litre.

Quick Facts About Indizel

Here are some of the facts that makes the introduction of “Indizel” rather revolutionary:

1. What exactly is Indizel?

To be exact, Indizel is a kind of bio-automotive fuel made from renewable vegetable oils. The fuel is known to increase the performance of every diesel engine without any modification or up-gradation. It is in complaint with WWFC (Worldwide Fuel Charter) category 4 requirements of the bio-fuel and meets Euro 6 requirements, the first ever bio-fuel in India to do so.

2. How is it different from Bio-diesel?

Indizel is the exact substitute of diesel offering much more performance and follows the EN-590:2013 norms which specifically means it doesn’t require any kind of blending limits unlike FAME, the bio-diesel which cannot be used as an exact diesel substitute considering its follows the EN-14214 norms and requires blending limits for further use.

3. How the BS-VI emission standards make it an excellent substitute?

According to The Bharat Stage VI emission norms for reducing the air pollution, the vehicles in India have to follow much stricter fuel standards. The BS-VI allows the vehicles to generate low sulphur emission of 10 ppm and Indizel already being complaint with norms as well as surpassing the standards with less than 10 ppm of sulphur emission makes it a kind of super-fuel. The BS-VI Norms will be standard with every vehicle in India by 2020.

4. What are the advantages of high cetane number?

Cetane is a measure of the compression ignition behaviour of a diesel fuel. Higher the cetane number, quicker is the ignition which will further lead to much more combustion stability due to better combustion of fuel in the engine. Indizel having a cetane number of 67.4 makes it one of the bio-fuel with highest cetane quantity, thus registering it as the superior alternative of diesel.
Some of the major advantages of Indizel includes:
  • High performance
  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Environment friendly
  • Better power/torque
  • Lesser fuel consumption
  • Higher mileage
  • Lesser throttle required for accelerator
  • Less noise
  • Smoother pick-up