Indian Motorcycle Introduces Limited Edition FTR R Carbon

Indian Motorcycle Introduces Limited Edition FTR R Carbon

Indian Motorcycles, the renowned American two-wheeler manufacturer, has unveiled an exquisite limited edition model - the FTR X 100% R Carbon. Crafted in collaboration with the motocross brand 100%, this bike promises to be a collector's dream. Showcased at EICMA 2023, the FTR X 100% R Carbon is a testament to innovation and style.

Design Excellence:

Carbon Fiber Marvel:

  • The bike showcases a stunning body draped in carbon fiber, exuding sophistication.
  • Adorned in Blue Candy color, the headlight bezel, fuel tank, pillion seat cowl, and front fender boast a premium finish.
  • Contrasting white paint on the chassis accentuates the bike's contours.
  • Eye-catching red accents on the bottom panel, Indian logo, and wheels contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

Distinctive Features:

  • Unconventional blacked-out Ohlins front forks with golden tubes add a touch of uniqueness.
  • The exhaust pipes and canister tips receive the same exquisite treatment, elevating the bike's overall design.

Performance Prowess:

Powerful Engine:

  • Retains the formidable 1,203cc, twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine from the standard FTR model.
  • Generates an impressive 121bhp and 117Nm, ensuring a thrilling riding experience.

Precision Braking:

  • Equipped with Brembo brakes at both ends for precise and efficient braking.
  • 17-inch cast wheels adorned with 120/70 front and 180/55 rear Metzeler tires deliver stability and control.

Technological Marvel:

  • Features a four-inch TFT screen with smartphone connectivity for an immersive riding experience.
  • Ride modes (rain, standard, sport), lean angle-sensitive ABS, stability control, traction control, wheelie and rear lift mitigation, USB charge port, and cruise control enhance the bike's technological prowess.

Limited Edition Rarity:

Production Numbers:

  • Indian Motorcycles plans to produce only 400 units of the FTR X 100% R Carbon.
  • A rare collector's item, with 150 units designated for the USA and 250 for other global markets.

Indian Market Possibility:

  • The chances of the FTR X 100% R Carbon making its way to India remain slim, adding to its exclusivity.

The FTR X 100% R Carbon stands as a testament to the artistry and engineering prowess of Indian Motorcycles, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of limited edition magnificence.