India Launches First Automatic CNG Vehicles: Tiago & Tigor i-CNG AMT

India Launches First Automatic CNG Vehicles: Tiago & Tigor i-CNG AMT

Tata Motors seems to have developed a habit of garnering “1st ever” titles to its name. The company recently showcased Nexon i-CNG at Bharat Mobility Expo 2024, which is India’s 1st ever Turbo Petrol CNG vehicle. Now, the company has launched AMT variants of Tiago i-CNG and Tigor i-CNG, making them India’s 1st ever Automatic CNG vehicles.

India’s First Automatic CNG Vehicles Launched

With soaring fuel prices, many car and motorcycle owners are switching over to electric vehicles. But the high input costs, range anxiety and primitive charging infrastructure encourage car buyers to shift to CNG vehicles. With many manufacturers shifting to petrol-only lineups, CNG is unofficially being touted as the new diesel as well. With low running costs, high efficiency and negligible re-fueling time, CNG emerged as a viable option for many car buyers. Apart from Tata Motors, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota partnership are offering CNG vehicles. However, automatic variants with CNG powertrain is a first for Indian automotive market. Tiago i-CNG AMT is launched in four variants – XTA, XZA+, XZA+ DT and XZA NRG, for a starting price of Rs. 7.9 lakh for XTA and goes till Rs. 8.9 lakh for XZA+ DT (both prices ex-sh). Where Tigor i-CNG AMT is concerned, it is launched in two variants only – XZA and XZA+. Prices range between Rs. 8.85 lakh and Rs. 9.55 lakh (both prices ex-sh).

India Launches First Automatic CNG Vehicles: Tiago & Tigor i-CNG AMT - angle
Tiago & Tigor i-CNG AMT

The Rise of CNG Vehicles in India

Compressed natural gas (CNG) has emerged as a popular alternative fuel option in India, offering lower emissions and cost-effective operation compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

Tata Motors' Pioneering Initiative

Recognizing the growing demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions, Tata Motors has taken a bold step forward with the launch of the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG AMT variants. By combining the benefits of the automatic transmission with the efficiency and affordability of the CNG fuel, and the Tata Motors aims to redefine the driving experience for an Indian consumers while to promoting the sustainable transportation.

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Tigor i-CNG

Key Features of the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG AMT

  1. Automatic Transmission : The Tiago and Tigor i-CNG variants feature automatic manual transmission (AMT) technology, offering seamless gear shifts and effortless driving in urban traffic conditions.
  2. Dual Fuel Capability : With dual fuel capability, the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG models can run on both petrol and compressed natural gas, providing flexibility and convenience to drivers.
  3. Efficient CNG Engine : Powered by a highly efficient CNG engine, the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG variants deliver optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact.
  4. Safety and Reliability : Tata Motors prioritizes safety and reliability in all its vehicles, and the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG variants are no exception.
  5. Eco-Friendly Operation : By running on compressed natural gas, the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG variants contribute to lower emissions of harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter (PM).

Impact on the Automotive Market

The introduction of automatic CNG variants by Tata Motors is expected to have a significant impact on the Indian automotive market. By catering to the growing demand for the eco-friendly and to the convenient mobility solutions,and the Tata Motors aims to be capture a larger share of the passenger vehicle segment while to driving adoption of alternative fuels like as CNG. Furthermore, the launch of the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG AMT variants reinforces Tata Motors' commitment to innovation and sustainability, setting new standards for the automotive industry in India. As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental responsibility and fuel efficiency, automatic CNG vehicles are poised to emerge as a preferred choice in the market.


The launch of the Tiago and Tigor i-CNG AMT variants represents a landmark moment for India's automotive industry, marking the country's first automatic compressed natural gas vehicles. Tata Motors' pioneering initiative underscores the company's commitment to driving positive change through innovation and sustainability. Tata Motors has revolutionized the CNG segment with various industry firsts like the twin-cylinder technology, high end feature choices and direct start in CNG. In the past 24 months we have sold more than 1.3 lakh CNG vehicles. In our effort to further drive volumes and provide our customers with the best, we are now proudly launching the Tiago and the Tigor iCNG in AMT—Introducing India to its 1st AMT CNG Cars.