Hyundai Officially Reveals 2022 Genesis G90 Premium Sedan

Hyundai Officially Reveals 2022 Genesis G90 Premium Sedan

Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis has unveiled the first images of the new flagship sedan G90, “classmate” of the BMW 7- Series, Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Jaguar XJL, and the Lexus LS. The current Genesis G90 is a restyling of the first-generation sedan introduced in 2015.

Many of the design cues have been borrowed from the Genesis Concept X, unveiled in March this year. The model was transformed following the requirements of the corporate style of the Korean brand, a characteristic feature of which is the optics, located in two tiers, and turn signal repeaters on the front fenders. 

The bonnet is integrated with the fenders to reduce gaps, and the door handles are retractable. Preserved pentagonal grille with volumetric filling, has been formed by the imposition of the proprietary G-Matrix patterns. The dipped beam in Two-Line headlights has been made using the technology of an array of microlenses known as MLA (Micro Lens Array), so the company managed to reduce the size of the stripes, making the optics the thinnest in the lineup. Also, the 2022 Genesis G90 is equipped with retractable door handles like the new Mercedes-Benz S-class.

According to the head of the Global Design Centre of Genesis, the new G90 refines what a flagship sedan should look like and does so with the distinctive style of the Genesis brand. A long-wheelbase variant has been introduced with the standard sedan, but its concept has changed. The new version of the car has been made according to the traditional scheme. Genesis has stretched the wheelbase and rear doors by 19 centimetres. In terms of looks, the long-wheelbase version features more chrome elements than the standard model of the G90 sedan.

Hyundai has not revealed the complete technical specifications of the 2022 Genesis G90 yet. It is expected that the range of engines will include only the 380hp, V6 turbo-petrol option since the flagship V8 engine has been discontinued. Later, a fully electric option is also expected to be added to the lineup - following the example of the Electric G80. In South Korea, the new Genesis G90 is due to debut next month. Later, the car will reach Russia and is also considering crossing the borders of India.