Hyundai i20 Sportz (O) Variants: Unveiling a New Dimension in Driving Experience

Hyundai i20 Sportz (O) Variants: Unveiling a New Dimension in Driving Experience


Hyundai is poised to redefine the driving experience with the imminent launch of the latest variants under the i20 Sportz (O) lineup. As a key player in the fiercely competitive premium hatchback category, the i20 has consistently secured its position as the second bestseller trailing only the Maruti Baleno.

Aesthetic Revitalization: The i20 Facelift

The previous year, Hyundai gave the i20 a major facelift which was intended to preserve the car's unique design while adding a modern touch to its aesthetic appeal. This required meticulous adjustments to the headlamps, front fascia, and bumpers, resulting in a harmonious combination of modern design elements.

Precision in Balance: The Sportz Trim Philosophy

Prominent for providing unmatched value for money, the Sportz trim has effectively established a name for itself by finding the difficult-to-find equilibrium between cutting-edge features and affordable prices. Acknowledging the Sportz trim's popularity, Hyundai is now expanding its horizons by introducing the Sportz (O) sub-trim, promising an even more refined driving experience.

Innovative Features Redefined: Sunroof, Wireless Charger, and Beyond

The Sportz (O) variant heralds a new era of innovation, introducing a myriad of features aimed at elevating the overall driving experience. The inclusion of a sunroof, though riding the wave of a burgeoning trend, serves as a testament to Hyundai's commitment to blending luxury with practicality. Simultaneously, the integration of a wireless charger addresses the contemporary need for seamless device charging, ushering in an era of clutter-free cabins. A noteworthy addition is the soft-touch armrest on the front door panels, wrapped in supple leatherette material, promising heightened comfort for discerning occupants.

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Pinnacle of Premium Offerings: Asta (O) Variant Features

The Asta (O) variant, positioned at the zenith of the i20 lineup, already boasts an impressive array of premium features. These include an Oxyboost air purifier, an expansive 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a sonorous Bose premium sound system, and the technologically advanced Hyundai BlueLink system. Safety is non-negotiable, with the inclusion of six airbags, tire pressure monitoring, stability control, and an array of other advanced safety attributes.

Transmission Mastery and Engine Excellence

The highly anticipated Sportz (O) variant caters to diverse driving preferences by offering both manual and automatic transmission options. Under the hood, the i20 is propelled by the tried-and-true 1.2L petrol engine, celebrated for its refined performance. While the diesel variant bids adieu due to stringent emission standards, Hyundai is mulling the potential introduction of a CNG variant, aligning seamlessly with the burgeoning demand for eco-friendly automobiles.

Hyundai's unwavering commitment to the evolution of the i20 lineup is palpable with the introduction of the Sportz (O) variants. By seamlessly incorporating exciting features, addressing contemporary trends, and showcasing a dedication to refinement, Hyundai aims not just to compete but to dominate the premium hatchback segment, solidifying the i20's standing as the epitome of innovation in the realm of contemporary driving experiences.

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What is the mileage of Hyundai i20 Sportz (O) with and without AC?
2022-12-29 05:38:45 AM
The Hyundai i20 Elite Sportz return a mileage of 15 kmpl with or without AC. The fact is not 100 percent true that AC decreases the mileage. In small engined petrol cars, AC puts a lot of extra effort to the engine, which significantly decreases the mileage whereas in cars with bigger motors the problem does not persist. Specially in diesel engines, the AC puts very less pressure to the car, that too felt when revving the same on high speeds. The roll down of windows also create a lot of drag, resulting in the same negative impact faced by the car with its AC on. The i20 is powered by a 1.4 L diesel motor, producing a lot of power to overcome the consequences.

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