Hyundai Creta or Honda Elevate: Choosing the Perfect SUV for You

Hyundai Creta or Honda Elevate: Choosing the Perfect SUV for You

Hyundai's recent facelift of the Creta has introduced it with renewed vigor, raised its appeal with refreshed interiors and an updated feature list. This renovation places the Creta far ahead of its contender the Honda Elevate. While the Elevate boasts its own merits, particularly in terms of affordability, it falls short in features compared to the renewed Creta. So, let's look deep and compare these SUVs head-to-head. We are talking design to pricing, inside and out.


Starting with dimensions, the Creta stretches 4,330mm (length) x 1,790mm (width) x 1,635mm (height), with a 2,610mm wheelbase and 190mm ground clearance. In contrast, the Honda Elevate measures 4,312mm (length) x 1,790mm (width) x 1,650mm (height) with a 2,650mm wheelbase. Although the raise is a bit more compact in length, its extended wheelbase means you get a roomier interior to stretch out in. Additionally, it offers a superior boot capacity of 458 liters compared to the Creta's 433 liters.

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Hyundai Creta

Exterior Design 

Both the Creta and the Elevate display boxy SUV designs and a strong road presence. However, their design approach is different. The Creta boasts a stylish, sporty vibe, while the Elevate stands for classic functionality with its bold bonnet and clean-cut design. Both feature LED headlamps and taillamps, with the Creta offering a connected LED design. Deciding between a sleek, modern look and a more classic, tough vibe boils down to what you prefer.

Interior & Features

The difference in design philosophies extends to their interiors. The Creta boasts a modern, luxurious cabin with upscale elements, while the Elevate stands for a simpler, functional dashboard layout. The Creta's interior is decorated with premium features such as Level 2 ADAS, dual-zone climate control, a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument cluster and a Bose sound system. 


The Creta offers a diverse range of engine options including 1.5L petrol, 1.5L turbo petrol, and 1.5L diesel engines, mated to manual and automatic transmissions. On the other hand, the Elevate is equipped with a single 1.5L NA petrol engine paired with manual and CVT transmissions. While the Elevate sticks to a solo engine show, the Creta takes the stage with a more dynamic powertrain lineup, giving buyers some welcome flexibility.

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Honda Elevate


In terms of pricing, the Elevate holds the edge, with prices ranging from Rs 13.90 lakh to Rs 19.58 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). In contrast, the Creta's price spans from Rs 12.29 lakh to Rs 23.55 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). While the Elevate offers a more budget-friendly option the Creta justifies its higher price point with a broader array of features, technology, and engine choices.

The Hyundai Creta serves buyers giving a modern, feature-rich SUV with performance-driven engines and advanced technology. Oppositely, the Honda Elevate offers a more practical and affordable option, focusing on comfort and reliability. The decision between the two joints is on individual preferences and priorities. For those prioritizing advanced features, performance options and cutting-edge technology the Creta emerges as the clear choice. However, buyers seeking a more budget-friendly SUV with reliable performance and practical features may find the Elevate to be the better fit. So, whether you are after affordability and solid features or something else entirely, both SUVs stand out for meeting diverse needs in this fiercely competitive space.