Hyundai and Motional Introduces Self-Driving IONIQ 5 Robotaxi

Hyundai and Motional Introduces Self-Driving IONIQ 5 Robotaxi

Hyundai Motors and its partner Motional, which is an expert in driverless technology, recently introduced the IONIQ5 robotaxi. The robotaxi, equipped with the technology and software required for Level 4 self-driving capabilities, was on display at the IAA Mobility 2021, one of the world's four major auto shows, which was held in Munich, Germany from September 7 to 12. 

We got to know through sources that Hyundai released some information related to level 4 technology in this upcoming driverless taxi. According to the company, the robotaxi will include a lidar sensor on its roof, which identifies and tracks vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles to assist autonomous vehicles in securely navigating at varying speeds. 

Also, the car will be outfitted with other self-driving features, such as radar, cameras, and plenty of sensors, to offer the vehicle's sensing system with 360-degree vision and the capacity to see up to 300 metres away, as per Hyundai. The IONIQ5 robotaxi will feature a roomy cabin and a long wheelbase, as it will be built on the E-GMP, Hyundai Motor's specialised EV platform.

As per the interior of the forthcoming car, the interior will have rider-focused interfaces that will allow passengers to engage with the car naturally during their journey, such as instructing the robotaxi to make an extra stop. It is stated that the resultant passenger experience would establish a new benchmark for automated ride-hailing.

Jang Woong-jun, chief of Hyundai Motor Group’s autonomous driving technology centre, stated that the debut of the IONIQ5 robotaxi, which has grown into a near-completely autonomous driving car, will be a watershed moment in the auto industry in terms of robotaxi commercialisation. The robotaxi is Motional's first commercial vehicle, and it is anticipated to begin transporting public riders in 2023 with the partnership of Lyft.