Honda's Shine 125 Surprises with the Addition of OBD 2 Technology!

Honda's Shine 125 Surprises with the Addition of OBD 2 Technology!

Honda has introduced the 2023 iteration of its immensely popular commuter motorcycle, the Shine 125, equipped with OBD 2 compliance. This strategic move follows the recent update to the Unicorn model, underscoring Honda's commitment to keeping its product lineup aligned with evolving standards.

Key Information:

  1. Pricing and Variants:
    • Honda has strategically priced the Drum variant at Rs 79,800, while the Disc variant comes at Rs 83,800 (ex-showroom Delhi).
    • A modest yet calculated increase of Rs 1,113 reflects the updated OBD 2 compliance and positions the Shine 125 competitively in its segment.
  2. Competitive Landscape:
    • Positioned squarely against formidable competitors like the Hero Super Splendor and the Bajaj CT125X, the Shine 125 aims to maintain its stronghold in the fiercely contested commuter motorcycle segment.
  3. OBD 2 Compliance:
    • The primary technical update lies in the engine's OBD 2 compliance, aligning seamlessly with the latest emission standards. This step not only ensures environmental adherence but also future-proofs the Shine 125 against forthcoming regulatory changes.
    • The engine specifications, generating 10.74PS of power and 11Nm of torque, remain consistent with the previous model. The emphasis on maintaining performance levels while meeting stringent emission norms is a commendable engineering feat.
  4. Color Options:
    • Offering a touch of personalization to riders, the Shine 125 is available in five distinctive color options. Among these, the black variant stands out as an aesthetically attractive choice, appealing to riders with a penchant for a classic yet stylish look.
  5. Warranty Package:
    • In a move aimed at bolstering customer confidence and loyalty, Honda introduces a new 10-year warranty package. This comprehensive offering comprises a standard 3-year warranty and an optional 7-year extension, reflecting Honda's commitment to long-term reliability and customer assurance. Such initiatives not only provide peace of mind to the rider but also establish the brand's credibility in terms of product durability.
  6. Unchanged Elements:
    • While embracing technological updates, the Shine 125 maintains its elegant design language, the hallmark twin-pod analogue console, and existing underpinnings. This strategic decision ensures a balance between innovation and retaining the model's core identity, catering to both traditional and modern rider preferences.
    • Braking prowess is maintained through a 240mm front disc and a 130mm rear drum, ensuring effective stopping power. The bike's choice of 18-inch alloys with 80-section tubeless tires strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability. With a seat height of 791mm, 162mm of ground clearance, and a weight of 114kg (kerb), the Shine 125 maintains rider-friendly dimensions.

While the industry welcomes the move toward OBD 2 compliance and the associated environmental benefits, enthusiasts express a desire for additional updates, particularly on the cosmetic front. The absence of substantial changes in this regard has sparked discussions among riders who anticipate a refreshed aesthetic to complement the technical advancements. Recognizing the critical role of pricing in the commuter motorcycle segment, the minor increase is deemed acceptable. However, the addition of new graphics or the introduction of sporty color schemes could have injected a sense of freshness to the model, attracting both existing and new riders.

The 2023 Honda Shine 125's OBD 2 treatment marks a subtle yet significant step in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring environmental responsibility. With a keen focus on compliance, pricing competitiveness, and the introduction of a generous warranty package, Honda endeavors to sustain the Shine 125's popularity in the fiercely contested commuter motorcycle market. Enthusiasts keenly await future updates that might bring a touch of freshness to this beloved model, striking the right balance between tradition and innovation in the world of two-wheelers.