Honda's November 2023 2W Sales: Activa, Shine, Dio Breakdown

Honda's November 2023 2W Sales: Activa, Shine, Dio Breakdown

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) posted a strong 18.98% YoY growth in domestic market and an even stronger 33.70% YoY growth where exports to global markets are concerned. Honda 2W sales stood at 4,20,648 units in domestic market and 26,314 units in exports.


1. Activa's Dominance

  • Sales Figures: Uncover the sales statistics for the Activa, Honda's flagship scooter, and understand its dominance in the market.
  • Market Trends: Analyze the market trends shaping Activa's sales performance and its position in the competitive scooter segment.

2. Shine's Resilience

  • Sales Resilience: Explore how the Shine, Honda's commuter motorcycle, fared in November 2023 and its resilience in the face of market dynamics.
  • Commuter Segment Trends: Delve into the commuter segment trends and Shine's role in meeting the demands of commuter riders.

3. Dio's Appeal

  • Youthful Appeal: Investigate the sales performance of Dio, known for its youthful design and features, and assess its appeal to the target demographic.
  • Scooter Market Dynamics: Understand how Dio contributes to Honda's standing in the competitive scooter market.

4. Market Influencers

  • Economic Factors: Examine economic factors that might have influenced Honda's two-wheeler sales in November 2023.
  • Competitive Landscape: Analyze the competitive landscape and the strategies Honda employed to maintain its market share.

5. Future Outlook

  • Upcoming Trends: Discuss anticipated trends in the two-wheeler market and how Honda SP125 plans to navigate them.

Honda 2W Sales Breakup November 2023 – Domestic market

In domestic market, HMSI sold 4,20,648 units with 18.98% YoY growth. As opposed to 3,53,553 units sold in November 2022, volume growth was 67,095 units YoY. Primary contributor for Honda is Activa scooter with 1,96,055 units that took a 46.61% share of company’s total domestic sales.  CB Shine contributed 1,28,969 units accounting for 20.66% of Honda’s domestic sales.  Activa and CB Shine contribute to around 77% of Honda’s total sales in India. The new 100cc Shine 100 sold 26,974 with a 6.41% market share. Recently updated Dio saw 23,979 takers last month and registered 48.92% YoY growth and 7,877 units volume growth YoY. Honda Unicorn’s appeal has reduced YoY by 29.88% decline, losing 8,583 units in volume. The newly launched SP160 is the replacement for Honda’s X-Blade.

Honda 2W exports

Where exports are concerned, Honda registered a solid 33.70% YoY growth by shipping 26,314 units last month as opposed to 19,681 units last year. This resulted in 6,633 units YoY volume growth. Surprisingly, it is the Navi that is the highest-shipped Honda 2W vehicle from India. Navi saw 10,942 buyers abroad accounting for 41.58% of Honda’s total shipments. When compared to 7,345 units shipped last year, Navi registered 48.97% YoY growth and gained 3,597 units YoY in volume. Dio took 2nd place in company’s exports with 5,053 units, 38.25% YoY growth and 19.20% market share. Volume growth is 1,398 units YoY. Highest-seller in India, Activa has seen a significant rise in export charts too with 1,268.27% YoY growth and 16.22% market share. Honda shipped 4,269 Activa as opposed to 312 units shipped in November 2022. CB Shine and X-Blade shipped 1,542 and 1,320 units with 19.29% and 43.88% YoY decline respectively. Dream and CB350 shipments stood at 1,096 and 1,080 units respectively, with Dream registering 996% YoY growth. Unicorn 160, Livo and Hornet 160R saw a significant decline in sales with 384, 300 and 166 units shipped respectively. Aviator scooter might be long forgotten in India, but Honda shipped 160 units last month.