Honda Shine 100 is Coming Soon - Watch Out Hero Splendor!

Honda Shine 100 is Coming Soon - Watch Out Hero Splendor!

Honda has recently released accessory kits for the CB350 and CB350RS retro bikes. They are now preparing for a much larger event: the introduction of a new 100cc commuter motorcycle.

With an official launch date of March 15, Honda has released a teaser video on YouTube. The teaser shows us an illustration of the bike and drops some clear hints about its name. The teaser mentions the words 'Shining Future'. It appears that Honda will capitalise on the Shine brand's success and name this new bike the Shine 100. It may replace the current 125cc Shine in Honda's lineup.

Honda Shine 100 is Coming Soon - Watch Out Hero Splendor!

The illustration also suggests that the new bike will be a member of the Shine family. It features front-end styling that is like the current 125cc Shine. The bikini fairing has a small raised V-section in the centre same as the current model. It reveals that the 100cc commuter will have all the standard features in this segment. Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock absorbers, and alloy wheels to name a few. 

The mirrors in the illustration released by Honda appear to be stylized as well. But there are few areas where this bike appears to be simpler than the 125cc Shine. The long, flat single-piece seat with no step in the middle is one such element.

Honda currently does not offer a 100cc commuter bike in the Indian market. So when it is released, this new model will compete with Hero's 100cc lineup, and the Bajaj Platina 100 and CT100. If it is priced aggressively, it will be close to the Hero HF 100. But if Honda goes premium, it will be closer to the Hero Splendor+.

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What is the difference between Honda Shine and Honda SP 125 ?
2023-01-07 01:38:43 PM

The Honda Shine is a commuter motorcycle that has been in production since 1998. It is powered by a 124.7cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which produces 10.3 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and 10.3 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. It has a top speed of 86 kmph and is known for its smooth ride.

On the other hand, the Honda SP 125 is a premium commuter motorcycle that was launched in 2019. It is powered by a 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which produces 10.7 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and 10.9 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. It has a top speed of 87 kmph and is known for its better acceleration. The Honda SP 125 also features an advanced Combi-Braking System (CBS) for improved braking.

Is Honda Shine worth buying ?
2023-01-03 05:18:23 AM
Honda Shine is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable, efficient and affordable bike. It has a powerful 125cc engine that delivers good performance, along with a comfortable ride. The bike has a good fuel efficiency rating, making it a great choice for daily commuters. The bike also comes with a number of features, such as dual disc brakes, a digital instrument cluster, and an integrated immobilizer. All in all, Honda Shine is a great bike for those looking for a reliable, efficient and affordable ride.
What is the seat height of Honda Shine?
2023-01-03 05:18:07 AM
The seat height of the Honda Shine is 790 mm. It has a comfortable riding position that is suitable for long rides. It also features adjustable levers for rider comfort.
Is there any heating problem near rear brake/right foot for Honda Shine?
2023-01-03 05:12:26 AM
Honda Shine is known to have some heating issues near the rear brakes and right foot. This is because of the engine's high heat output. To address this, Honda engineers have included a cooling system in the bike's design. This helps to keep the engine cooler and prevent any heating issues. Additionally, it is important to regularly check and replace the bike's brake pads and other important components to keep the bike running smoothly and prevent any heating problems.
What is the battery warranty of Honda Shine?
2023-01-03 05:12:06 AM
The Honda Shine offers a 36-month warranty on its battery. This warranty covers defects in the material or workmanship of the battery, but does not cover normal wear and tear. If you experience any issues with the battery, you should contact your local Honda dealer and they will be able to provide assistance.