Honda City, Amaze: Year-End Discounts Up to Rs  88,000

Honda City, Amaze: Year-End Discounts Up to Rs 88,000

As the curtain falls on 2023, Honda is set to treat car enthusiasts with enticing year-end discounts on its popular City and Amaze sedans.Buyers can take advantage of a range of benefits, including cash discounts, loyalty bonuses, exchange bonuses and corporate offers.

Year-End Bonanza for Honda City: Save Up to Rs 88,600

Honda's flagship sedan, the City, takes center stage with impressive discounts, surpassing the festive season offerings. Here's a breakdown of the savings potential for prospective buyers:

1. Cash Discount or Free Accessories: Choose Your Perk

  • Cash Discount: Opt for a cash discount of up to Rs 25,000, lowering the overall purchase cost.
  • Free Accessories: Alternatively, buyers can choose free accessories worth up to Rs 29,947, adding a personalized touch to their new City.

2. Exchange Bonus for Added Value

  • Honda Car Owners: Enjoy an exclusive exchange bonus of up to Rs 21,000 when trading in your existing Honda vehicle.
  • New Buyers: Even if you're new to the Honda family, you can still benefit from a substantial exchange bonus of up to Rs 15,000.

3. Loyalty Bonus and Corporate Discounts

  • Customer Loyalty Bonus: Honda values its loyal customers, offering a Rs 4,000 loyalty bonus to those returning for another Honda vehicle.
  • Corporate Discount: Corporate buyers can seize an additional advantage with a corporate discount of up to Rs 25,000.

4. Extended Warranty for Select Trims

  • Extended Peace of Mind: Buyers of the VX and ZX trims can opt for an extended warranty (fourth and fifth years) at a special rate of Rs 13,651, ensuring an extra layer of peace of mind.

Honda Amaze: A Sedan with Savings

While details specific to the Amaze discounts weren't provided, prospective Amaze buyers can also look forward to attractive offers designed to enhance their ownership experience.

How to Maximize Your Savings: A Buyer's Guide

For buyers looking to make the most of these year-end discounts, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Evaluate Your Preferences: Determine whether you prefer a cash discount or value-added accessories to tailor the deal to your liking.
  2. Consider Your Existing Honda: Honda car owners can capitalize on the exclusive exchange bonus, providing added incentive to stick with the brand.
  3. Opt for Extended Peace of Mind: Buyers of specific City trims can opt for the extended warranty, enhancing their ownership experience.

The Impact on the Sedan Segment and Beyond

Honda's year-end discounts for the City and Amaze are poised to impact the sedan segment positively.  As the automotive industry transitions into 2024, eyes are on Honda to gauge its plans and innovations for the new year.

Seize the Savings as 2023 Concludes

As the year draws to a close, Honda's year-end discounts on the City and Amaze present a golden opportunity for sedan enthusiasts to unlock substantial savings. Whether you're eyeing the sleek City with its array of discounts or the Amaze with its upcoming offers, Honda's year-end bonanza is a fitting way to conclude the year and welcome 2024 with a brand-new sedan.

The Honda City, known for its ride and handling balance, comfortable interior and responsive engine, is priced between Rs 11.63 lakh-16.11 lakh. It rivals the Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Virtus, Skoda Slavia and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, and is powered by a 121hp, 145Nm, 1.5 litre, four-cylinder, petrol engine mated to a 6-speed manual or a CVT gearbox.

Honda Amaze discounts: save up to Rs 77,000

The Amaze gets some exciting offers as well. With prices ranging between Rs 7.10 lakh-9.86 lakh, the compact sedan is available with discounts across the entire range. The S trim gets benefits of up to Rs 77,000, which includes cash discounts of Rs 35,000 or the option to choose free accessories up to Rs 42,444. It also includes loyalty rewards of up to Rs 4,000 and corporate discounts of up to Rs 23,000. Additionally, there is a Rs 15,000 exchange bonus on all trims. Discounts of up to Rs 57,000 and Rs 67,000 are available on the E and VX trims, respectively, with a similar break-up on offers.

The Amaze comes with a 90hp, 110Nm, 1.2-litre, four-cylinder, petrol engine that is mated to either a 5-speed manual or a CVT gearbox. The compact sedan is known to have a spacious cabin and good ride quality, but suffers from poor insulation. It also lacks the option of a CNG version, something that rivals offer. The Amaze competes with the Hyundai Aura and the Maruti Suzuki Dzire.