Modified Honda CBR500R Matte Grey Edition by K-Speed Customs (Thailand)

Modified Honda CBR500R Matte Grey Edition by K-Speed Customs (Thailand)

CBR500R Matte Grey Edition by K-Speed Customs: Honda CBR500R is a dream for Indian riders that may never get fulfilled with the current plans of Honda Motorcycles India. The sharp edged motorcycle looks impressive while few bits on its body resemble the parts that have been used on CBR250RR's front fairing. However, this typical CBR500R by K-Speed Customs looks even more aggressive with dark theme all around its body. Here are the changes that CBR500R went through to achieve such a head turning stance. K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-2 Unlike the regular CBR500R, the front here gets all Black fascia with dark tinted windshield. The dual tone scheme on the stock version never looked this much impressive. The stock rear view mirrors were changed for these mirrors with in-built LED blinkers. The front headlights stay in place while both the front as well as rear tyre gets replaced with track spec soft compound tyres. The only visible graphic on the side fairing is a single 'R'. K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-3 Fuel tank of this Honda CBR500R gets better thigh grips and chiseled finished for more effective result. The rear seat has been replaced with a custom cowl while all road legal accessories have been removed from the rear end. The alloy wheels are kept stock while Motive performance exhaust has bee used to get better output from the motorcycle. The design remains heavily the same while change in stance can be seen more at the rear end of the motorcycle. K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-1 CBR500R is powered by a 471cc, twin cylinder engine producing 46.9 BHP at 8500 rpm and 43 Nm at 7000 rpm. It weighs 194 kg and claims a top speed of 180 kmph in stock condition. The low seat height of 785 mm makes it the best option for riders with smaller built. It comes with a fuel tank of 16.7 liters. If ever launched in India, the bike will be priced around INR 4.25-4.50 lakh and may rival none other than upcoming Benelli Scrambler in its engine segment. K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-4 K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-5 K-Speed-Customs-Honda-CBR500R-6

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2016 Honda CBR500R - will it arrive before 2017?
2022-12-29 06:01:01 AM
The Honda CBR500R has arrived in Australia and is available in 4 shades namely Black/Candy Energy Orange, Pearl Metalloid White, Millennium Red and Matt Gunpowder Black. The motorcycle comes with ABS as standard and you can buy it from the other Honda dealership around you for a good experience. You can even report the negligence of former dealership to Honda Australia.
Does Honda CBR500R has got a massive sound?
2022-12-29 05:57:40 AM
The CBR500R is not having that massive sound of an R1 as its just a twin cylinder machine with 471 cc displacement. The sound is actually sweet when compared to R1 or others in the top lineup of super sport motorcycles. Most of the sounds of bigger bikes are altered in the laboratory to get a perfect pitch for their acceleration. In case of CBR500R, the major focus has been kept of refined performance, making the bike sound quiet different from a massive roar. It produces 46.9 BHP @ 8500 rpm and 43 NM @ 7000 rpm. The gearbox is a 6-speed manual unit and the bike gets a top speed of 180 kmph.
Should I wait for Hero Hastur and Honda CBR500R?
2022-12-29 05:44:51 AM
You can go for the RE Continental GT as it is a timeless beauty. You can drive it anywhere, on race tracks, tours and city traffic. Its 535 cc engine produces 29.1 BHP and 44 NM. Also, it uses the best quality parts from all around the world including Pirelli tires and Brembo calipers which makes it a value for money product.

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