Honda 0 Series Set to Steal the Show at CES 2024 with Its Own Brand Identity

Honda 0 Series Set to Steal the Show at CES 2024 with Its Own Brand Identity

At CES 2024 Honda takes center stage with its revolutionary Honda 0 Series, introducing a dedicated brand identity that sets the stage for a new era in electric mobility. The 0 Series represents Honda's commitment to redefining its approach to vehicular development emphasizing electric power and a futuristic vision.

Concept Vehicles

Two groundbreaking concept vehicles, Saloon and Space Hub, are unveiled under the Honda 0 Series banner.

Saloon: A sleek and stylish flagship vehicle with a low height for optimal aerodynamic efficiency. The design exudes a dominating aura with futuristic lighting elements reminiscent of iconic supercars.

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Space Hub: A futuristic MPV designed to enhance people's daily lives, fostering connections between individuals and society. Its forward-thinking design aligns with the changing landscape of electric mobility.

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Space Hub

Global Impact

The Honda 0 Series marks a significant global initiative, with the first electric vehicle under this brand set to debut in the North American market by 2026. Following the North American launch Honda plans to introduce 0 Series EVs in other key markets including Europe, Asia, Japan, Africa, and more.

Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Honda envisions achieving carbon neutrality across all its businesses and products by the end of 2050. The commitment includes transitioning to 100% electrification with Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) by 2040.

Next-Generation Logo

Accompanying the 0 Series launch, Honda introduces a new logo, departing from its iconic H logo in use since 1981. The new logo features a flatter H embracing a minimalistic approach, symbolizing Honda's transformation and alignment with future mobility preferences.


Five Core Values

Honda's approach to the next generation of EVs revolves around the "Thin, Light, and Wise" philosophy.

Thin and Light: Emphasizes aerodynamic performance with a thin and lightweight EV platform for a spirited and sporty driving experience.

Wise: Showcases Honda's profound knowledge in carmaking and intelligent technologies, incorporating original software.

Five core values include Artistic Design, AD/ADAS for safety, Space with IoT and connected tech, Joy of Driving, and Outstanding Electricity Efficiency Performance.


In unveiling the Honda 0 Series at CES 2024 Honda sets forth a bold vision for the future, blending innovation, sustainability, and a deep understanding of evolving customer preferences in the realm of electric mobility. The 0 Series represents not just a lineup of vehicles but a transformative journey towards a cleaner, connected, and exhilarating automotive future.