Hero's Upcoming Adventure Scooter: Xoom 160

Hero's Upcoming Adventure Scooter: Xoom 160

With its upcoming scooter, Hero MotoCorp is making waves ahead of its scheduled presentation at this year's EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Through sneak peeks at its design on social media, the business has been teasing the scooter. Notably, the Xoom 160 scooter's name was also disclosed in the teaser. Scooter enthusiasts are excited by this interesting announcement, and we can't wait to learn more about this new addition to Hero's roster.

The teaser looks like it suggests that the Xoom 160 will be a maxi-scooter with features oriented toward adventure. Maxi-scooters typically have a huge windscreen and front apron, but this one feels more like an adventure scooter because of its tall profile, big wheels, and what looks to be a long-travel suspension. The strong exhaust additionally contributes to the scooter's intimidating appearance. Adventure-seeking riders are getting excited and curious about what the Xoom 160 has to offer because of these unique features.

We can also make out alloy wheels in the teaser photo, most likely 14 inches in diameter, which are similar to the Yamaha Aerox 155 and Aprilia SR 160. It seems to be constructed on a frame with a central spine, like a great deal of maxi-scooters, a design that may reduce the amount of storage space up front. Although we don't yet know all the engine details, our best belief is that Hero will use a motor that is similar to the Xtreme 160R 4V, following the Yamaha R15 V4 and Aerox 155's platform-sharing strategy.

The scooter is scheduled to be presented at EICMA 2023, with an official Indian launch following a few months later. The Xoom 160 will be expected to be a dramatic new addition to the adventure-scooter market when it gets there in India and joins scooters such as Yamaha's Aerox 155 and the Aprilia SR 160. As the eagerly awaited Hero Xoom 160 scooter gets ready to make its premiere at this year's EICMA show, excitement is growing in Milan, Italy. It's easy to understand why Hero MotoCorp has been creating a lot of excitement about this upcoming scooter.

We can get a preview of what's to come thanks to the teaser photos that were posted on several social media sites. The Hero Xoom 160 is obviously not your typical scooter. Rather, it seems to be a maxi-scooter with characteristics designed for an adventurous lifestyle. The teaser's design features allude to a strong and adaptable persona.

The substantial front apron and windscreen are characteristic of maxi-scooters, offering riders wind protection and added comfort. However, the tall stance, large wheels, and long-travel suspension suggest an adventure scooter vibe. The rugged look is accentuated by the beefy exhaust canister. The scooter seems to sport 14-inch alloy wheels, similar to models like the Yamaha Aerox 155 and Aprilia SR 160. It also appears to be built on a frame with a centre spine, providing structural strength but potentially limiting front storage space.

While specific engine details are still under wraps, it's expected that Hero MotoCorp will employ a derivative of the Xtreme 160R 4V's engine for the Xoom 160. The official unveiling is set for EICMA 2023, with the Indian launch expected a few months later. When it hits Indian roads, the Hero Xoom 160 will go head-to-head with rivals like the Yamaha Aerox 155 and the Aprilia SR 160. Take a look at the teased image of the Hero Xoom 160 and share your thoughts on its styling.