Hero Xoom 160: The Ultimate Adventure Scooter Unveiled with Bold Design

Hero Xoom 160: The Ultimate Adventure Scooter Unveiled with Bold Design


Hero MotoCorp is generating significant anticipation by preparing to unveil a highly anticipated scooter, the Hero Xoom 160, at the prestigious EICMA show held in Milan, Italy. In the build-up to the event, the renowned Indian two-wheeler manufacturer has actively leveraged various social media platforms to create a palpable buzz around their forthcoming creation.

A Unique Scooter

The Hero Xoom 160 represents a departure from the conventional scooter design, positioning itself as an unconventional yet captivating amalgamation of a maxi scooter and adventure-centric features. By separating itself from the ordinary and normal, this combination seeks to provide a distinctive and unrivaled option in the scooter industry.

Distinctive Design

Elements Upon closer examination of the teaser image, it becomes evident that the Hero Xoom 160 showcases striking design elements that hint at its robust and versatile character. Most notably, the front apron and windscreen—features that are commonly associated with maxi scooters—improve riders' experiences by offering better wind protection and increased comfort while traveling.

Adventure-Ready Features

What truly sets this scooter apart is its evident inclination towards adventure. The scooter is a desirable choice for those who enjoy the challenge of rough terrain trips because of its large wheels, long-travel suspension system, and noticeably lofty posture. Its sturdy exhaust canister further enhances its rugged and aggressive appearance.

Wheel Size and Frame Design 

The Hero Xoom 160's alloy wheels, sized at approximately 14 inches, align it with well-regarded models like the Yamaha Aerox 155 and the Aprilia SR 160 in terms of wheel dimensions. Also, the scooter appears to be built on a centrally supported frame. Although this design choice improves safety and structural integrity, it might reduce the amount of storage available in the scooter's front.

Engine Expectations 

While detailed engine specifications have not been officially disclosed, it is widely expected that Hero MotoCorp may opt for an engine derived from the Xtreme 160R 4V, providing a balance between impressive performance and commendable fuel efficiency.

Unveiling and Market Launch

The highly-anticipated Hero Xoom 160 is set to be officially unveiled at the EICMA 2023 event in Milan, Italy. However, its availability in the Indian market is anticipated a few months after this international showcase. Upon its introduction to the Indian market, the Hero Xoom 160 will find itself in a competitive segment, poised to take on rivals such as the Yamaha Aerox 155 and the Aprilia SR 160.


The Hero Xoom 160 teaser image is available for enthusiasts and prospective purchasers to examine to learn more about the scooter's style. With its seamless integration of comfort and adventure features, it looks to be an intriguing addition to Hero MotoCorp's lineup by attracting riders looking for a scooter experience that goes beyond the typical.