Hero-Owned Surge S32 Scooter Design Patented

Hero-Owned Surge S32 Scooter Design Patented

Hero MotoCorp now owns the design patents for the Surge S32 electric scooter, a special three-wheeler/e-scooter hybrid. The innovative vehicle was showcased at Hero World 2024, with the trademark filed on January 20, 2024, and officially journaled on March 22, 2024.

Innovative Hybrid Design

The Surge S32 stands out as a hybrid that can switch from an electric scooter to a three-wheeler in just 3 minutes and vice versa. Essentially, you slide the e-scooter into the frame of the three-wheeler and use its front wheel as the front wheel of the vehicle. An electric connector is used to link the two, allowing the three-wheeler's powertrain and brakes to be controlled via the scooter's handlebars.

Hero-Owned Surge S32 Scooter Design Patented - landscape
Hero Surge S32

Scooter Features

The S32 e-scooter is equipped with an apron-mounted headlight, a wide floorboard, and a split-seat setup. As a three-wheeler, it can support heavier weights due to its leading link suspension up front and dual shock absorbers down back. Both the front and rear drum brakes are equipped on the scooter. It is powered by a 3.87kWh battery pack and a swingarm-mounted motor with a peak power output of 6kW and a top speed of 60kmph.

Three-Wheeler Configurations

The three-wheeler version is available in several configurations:

  • S32 PV: Auto rickshaw configuration with a 9.67kWh battery pack and an 8kW motor.
  • LD, HD, and FB: Cargo carrier configurations with an 11.61kWh battery pack and a motor with a peak power output of 10kW.
    Challenges and Future Prospects

While the hybrid system of the scooter and three-wheeler is innovative, its launch is still some time away due to the complexity and resource-intensive nature of engineering such a versatile setup. A lot of testing may be necessary because of the complexity, which could result in more break points and a larger chance of vehicle failure. The kind of driver's license needed to operate the S32 is also a matter of some doubt. With the design patents secured, it will be interesting to see how Hero MotoCorp's plans for the product develop in the future.