Hero Maxi Scooter Spotted Testing in India - To Rival Yamaha Aerox 155

Hero Maxi Scooter Spotted Testing in India - To Rival Yamaha Aerox 155

Hero MotoCorp has increased its attention on the premium segment. With its scooter portfolio, the business appears to be adopting a similar path. A design patent disclosed details about Hero's new maxi-scooter last month.

Recently, a camouflaged maxi-scooter has been sighted near Hero MotoCorp's research and development headquarters in Jaipur. The scooter appears to be similar to the one shown in the design patent. Because the test mule appears to be near-production ready, the scooter is likely to be released around the holiday season or by the end of this year.

Hero Maxi Scooter Spotted Testing in India - To Rival Yamaha Aerox 155 - foreground

A split headlight arrangement, angular front fascia, stylish rearview mirrors, and crisp turn indicators are among the primary features of Hero's first-ever maxi-scooter. The scooter will most likely have all-LED illumination. It is also seen with a short, upswept exhaust. The side panels include bold design elements that contribute to the scooter's athletic appearance.

The stepped seat's sloped form offers a dynamic stance while also allowing for maximum control and handling. The test mule lacks the rear rack depicted in the design patent, although it is likely that it will be available as an option.

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Hero's upcoming maxi-scooter will most likely include a fully digital instrument console. It could also have telematics features, which would be accessible through the Hero Connect mobile app. Ignition alert, SoS alert, accident/crash alert, topple alert, over-speed alert, theft alert, battery removal alert, geofence alert, and remote immobilisation are some of the important telematics capabilities.

Hero's maxi-scooter could compete with Yamaha's Aerox 155. If true, it might use the Xtreme 160R's 163cc air-cooled engine. Several modifications could be made to the engine to better match the needs of the scooter.

Hero Maxi Scooter Spotted Testing in India - To Rival Yamaha Aerox 155 - image

The front forks of Hero's new maxi-scooter are telescopic, and the rear shock is a single-sided mono-shock unit. It has a disc brake up front. ABS with a single channel could be made standard. The big alloy wheels, which appear to be 14-inch ones, are one of the most noticeable aspects.

Hero MotoCorp might launch its first maxi-scooter at a reasonable price. While the Aerox 155 has a starting price of Rs. 1.43 lakh, Hero's maxi-scooter may be priced at Rs. 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom).

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