Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Electric Bike Sold Out!

Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE Electric Bike Sold Out!

After indicating the bike design in an official teaser, Harley-Davidson’s sub-brand LiveWire has debuted the much-expected S2 Del Mar LE electric bike in the US market. Most importantly, the bike is a limited edition and the brand will develop only 100 units as of now, and that too for the US market only. And, the interesting thing is that all the 100 units are sold out already, indicating its attraction to the audience. Before the S2 Del Mar LE, the brand already sold One premium e-bike in the American two-wheeler market. 

The all-new S2 Del Mar LE draws design inspiration from Harley-Davidson’s Sportster S. However, the body dimensions of the bike seem to be smaller than other bikes in the brand’s lineup. Offered in two paint shades, Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo, the bike gets all-LED lighting and simplistic body panels. The front receives USD forks, while the rear gets a Ducati Diavel-style tyre hugger with a number plate and a brief fender.

Besides this, the 2022 Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE also gets spoke-like alloy wheels with disc brakes on both front and rear ends, as well as a traditional chain drive. The controller unit is also housed in the battery pack. The swingarm is an asymmetrical element to help with strength and to hold the huge back sprocket in such a small space. This configuration not only makes the overall bike smaller but also helps to reduce the bike's weight. The Del Mar weighs 197 kg.

However, while LiveWire did not reveal the powertrain details, it did state that the bike will have more than 80 hp and a 0-100 km/hr time of fewer than 3.5 seconds. The advertised range, however, is a touch low at 100 kilometres. The Del Mar accepts Level 1 and 2 charging. LiveWire intends to release additional similar electric motorcycles under the "S" brand in the near future, and India might be its next destination to launch such bikes.