Gogoro Unveils Crossover with Three Variants

Gogoro Unveils Crossover with Three Variants


?Gogoro, a prominent Taiwanese electric mobility solutions provider, has made a noteworthy entry into the Indian market with the physical launch of its revolutionary Gogoro Crossover electric scooter. Initially targeting B2B customers the Crossover model showcases Gogoro's expertise in swappable battery technology setting new standards in India's burgeoning electric two-wheeler segment.

Versatility in Performance

The Gogoro Crossover lineup introduces three distinct variants—Crossover GX250, Crossover 50, and Crossover S. Each variant offers diverse performance capabilities featuring motors with power outputs ranging from 2.5 kW to 7.2 kW. The Crossover meets a variety of riding needs and is a perfect fit for both rugged workhorse needs and urban commuting due to its top speed of over 60 km/h and approved range of up to 111 km.

Innovative Swappable Battery Technology

A hallmark of Gogoro's design is its pioneering swappable battery technology. The Crossover model boasts two removable batteries, each weighing 10 kg. This novel strategy tackles downtime a major issue with the adoption of electric vehicles. The electric scooter's overall convenience and efficiency are enhanced by the ability to swiftly replace batteries which guarantees minimal inconvenience.

Distinctive Design and Practical Features

?The Gogoro Crossover stands out with its robust steel tubular frame, featuring a unique design with a protruding headlight and optional racks for luggage. With a 1,400 mm wheelbase—the longest in Gogoro's lineup—alongside a ground clearance of 176 mm and a weight of 126 kg (inclusive of batteries), the scooter strikes a balance between agility and stability. Practicality is further emphasized with under-seat storage, a foldable rear seat for expanded cargo space, and a spacious flat floorboard.

Expanding Network and Future Initiatives

?Gogoro's network is currently operational in Delhi and Goa, with plans for expansion into Mumbai and Pune by Q1 2024. The company has committed substantial investments of USD 1.5 billion in Maharashtra establishing its first manufacturing facility in Aurangabad. Collaborating with Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited (HPCL), Gogoro aims to deploy battery-swapping stations strategically contributing to the growth of India's electric mobility infrastructure.

Technological Advancements

The Gogoro Crossover comes equipped with a suite of modern features, including a fully digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity with seamless smartphone integration, and more. These technological improvements are in line with Gogoro's mission to, provide innovative electric transportation solutions and they also improve the riding experience.

Pricing and Future Availability

Gogoro intends to release passenger versions of the Gogoro Crossover GX250 in Q2 2024, while precise pricing information for this B2B-focused vehicle is still pending. Gogoro's revolutionary design of the Crossover model and its strategic cooperation with HPCL for battery-swapping stations position the company as a key player in India's dynamic and changing electric two-wheeler sector.