Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Makes Its Debut in India

Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Makes Its Debut in India

Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric scooter powerhouse, has officially entered the Indian market with the launch of its highly anticipated CrossOver GX250 electric scooter. Alongside this debut, Gogoro has introduced its cutting-edge battery-swapping ecosystem. Initially targeting B2B customers in Delhi and Goa, Gogoro plans to extend these services to B2B clients in Mumbai and Pune in the first half of 2024, with a consumer-focused rollout anticipated in the second quarter of the same year.

The CrossOver Scooter Range: Varied Offerings for Indian Consumers

The CrossOver scooter series includes three distinct variants: CrossOver GX250, CrossOver 50, and CrossOver S. The CrossOver GX250, the flagship model available immediately, stands out as Gogoro's first scooter manufactured in India, specifically in Maharashtra and this model incorporates adjustments based on feedback from Gogoro's pilot riders in India.

Design Highlights: A Fusion of Ruggedness and Utility

The design philosophy of the CrossOver GX250 emphasizes ruggedness and utility. Its large body panels, roomy floorboard, and special split-type seat with a movable pillion part that makes it versatile for toting bags are among its standout characteristics. Storage is a key aspect, boasting 26 locking points and utilizing four cargo areas strategically placed above the headlight, on the floorboard, under the seat, and in the rear cargo space.

Terrain-Ready Build: Tackling India's Diverse Landscapes

Crafted to navigate diverse terrains, the CrossOver GX250 features an all-terrain frame for heightened strength and stability. Its suspension system comprises a front telescopic fork with fork gaiters and long twin shock absorbers in the rear, providing an impressive ground clearance of 176mm.

Powertrain and Performance Metrics: Key Factors for Indian Riders

The electric scooter is powered by a 2.5 kW Direct Drive, ensuring a top speed surpassing 60 kmph and a certified range of 111 km. Noteworthy features include a keyless function for ease of use, a digital instrument cluster for information at a glance, and the hallmark Gogoro swappable batteries that enhance user convenience.

Market Expansion and Future Releases: Gogoro's Vision for India

While the pricing details for the CrossOver GX250 are yet to be disclosed, the fact that it is manufactured locally in India positions it competitively in terms of pricing, aligning with Gogoro's commitment to supporting businesses. Anticipated releases of the CrossOver 50 and CrossOver S variants are slated for mid-2024. Gogoro's emphasis on collaboration continues with ongoing partnerships with Zypp Electric for its EV fleet. Additionally, Gogoro has joined forces with FutureEV for an exclusive introduction of Gogoro e-scooters and swap stations tailored for tourists in Goa.

As Gogoro enters the Indian electric scooter landscape the CrossOver GX250 stands as a testament to innovation combining rugged design with utility aiming to meet the diverse needs of Indian riders. The commercial launch in Goa is set to commence in the first quarter of the 2024 calendar year, following a pilot run starting on December 25, 2023.