Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Electric Scooter Makes its Debut in India

Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Electric Scooter Makes its Debut in India

Gogoro, the Taiwan-based electric mobility company has introduced its made-in-India scooter, the CrossOver GX250 targeting the Indian market. This unveiling coincided with the launch of Gogoro's battery-swapping system which is initially available to B2B customers in Goa and Delhi and the company plans to extend this service to Pune and Mumbai in 2024.

Manufactured in Maharashtra the Gogoro GX250 boasts a rugged and utilitarian design emphasizing increased rigidity and practicality and the scooter features 26 mounting points facilitating the attachment of various accessories and cargo-carrying options. Notably, the rear seat is designed to be versatile offering the option to be flipped and converted into a backrest, thereby adding extra luggage space at the rear. Alongside the GX250, Gogoro will introduce two other variants, the CrossOver 50 and CrossOver S, with availability scheduled for the next year.

The electric scooter is powered by a 2.5kW Direct Drive motor providing a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of 111 km. In terms of features, the GX250 comes equipped with a digital instrument cluster, rain mode, traction control, and a keyless function enhancing the overall riding experience.

While the specific pricing details for the Gogoro electric scooters have not been disclosed the company plans to announce them by early 2024 and Gogoro has shown its commitment to the growing electric mobility sector in India with the introduction of its electric scooters and battery-swapping infrastructure which offer innovative solutions to adapt to the evolving needs of city commuters.