Gogoro CrossOver e-Scooter Unveils Its Power with a 111km Range

Gogoro CrossOver e-Scooter Unveils Its Power with a 111km Range

Taiwan-based Gogoro has marked a significant milestone in India by launching its innovative battery swapping ecosystem and introducing the CrossOver GX250, the company's first Smartscooter manufactured in India. This move comes as part of Gogoro's commitment to sustainability and the shift towards eco-friendly urban transportation. The battery swapping system is now accessible to B2B customers in Delhi and Goa, with plans to extend its availability to Mumbai and Pune in the second quarter of 2024.

Founder and CEO Speaks

Horace Luke, Founder and CEO of Gogoro, emphasized the transformative impact of this initiative on global urban transportation, stating, "We are at the cusp of a dramatic change in the global urban transportation landscape, and with its more than 250 million mopeds and motorcycles, India is well positioned to lead the shift to sustainable consumer and B2B transportation."

The CrossOver Series: Tailored for India

The CrossOver series, built on a redesigned all-terrain frame, offers enhanced rigidity and comfort. Gogoro's commitment to customization, ample storage, and a superior riding experience is reflected in the CrossOver series. In India, the series will feature three models: the immediately available CrossOver GX250, followed by the CrossOver 50 and CrossOver S in 2024.

CrossOver GX250 Highlights:

Manufactured in Maharashtra, the CrossOver GX250 is optimized for diverse road conditions, boasting a newly developed all-terrain frame with increased rigidity and exceptional ground clearance of 176mm. Powered by a 2.5kW Direct Drive, it achieves a top speed exceeding 60kph and a certified range of 111km.

Adaptable Design and Storage Solutions

The CrossOver GX250's innovative frame design enhances suspension system durability, accommodating larger loads while prioritizing rider comfort and stability. The scooter offers adaptability for various riding scenarios, featuring passenger space and a flexible storage system with 26 locking points. Four cargo areas, including a platform design for the headlight, foot, seat, and rear cargo space, ensure versatility to meet diverse storage needs. The rear seat's flip-up or removable option allows additional cargo storage when required.

Certification and Recognition

Gogoro's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) certification received in August for the CrossOver GX250 in India. Furthermore, Gogoro became the first foreign two-wheel OEM recognized by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) in November, enabling the CrossOver GX250 to qualify for EV financing programs.

Gogoro CEO Luke stated, "There has been significant demand in India for Gogoro battery swapping, Smartscooters, and technologies, and we are excited to be launching commercially with a variety of partners."

In the quest for sustainable and smart electric transportation, the Gogoro CrossOver GX250 stands as a pioneering solution, exemplifying the brand's commitment to empowering cities and riders with eco-friendly mobility options.