GLS Driving Mercedes India's Top-End Growth

GLS Driving Mercedes India's Top-End Growth

Mercedes-Benz has just completed 30 years in India. Over the years, luxury sedans have been the mainstay of the brand – the bread-and-butter E-Class, the C-Class and, more recently, the flagship S-Class. In the fast-evolving landscape of the Indian luxury automotive market, Mercedes-Benz has found a commanding ally in its flagship SUV, the GLS. This behemoth of opulence and performance has become more than just a vehicle; it is the driving force behind Mercedes-Benz India's top-end growth. What also drives demand for the current GLS is the Maybach version. “A lot of the pull for the new GLS comes from the Maybach GLS,” says Iyer, the aspirational appeal of the Maybach rubbing off on the GLS. What also works in its favour is that the GLS is suitably large, well-equipped and available with both petrol and diesel powertrains. “What we are also seeing is that many S-Class or Maybach owners are getting a GLS as a second car,” he adds.

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Key Factors

  1. The GLS: A Symbol of Extravagance: The GLS is an SUV, but it's also an example of luxury car design. The GLS, being Mercedes-Benz's presenting SUV, attracts attention when driving. For individuals who want the highest level of automotive perfection, the GLS is a status assertion as much as a means of transportation.
  2. Performance Prowess: The GLS has several potent engines under the hood, making for an exceptionally exciting driving experience. The GLS supports a range of tastes, whether it is through the powerful yet refined diesel models or the pure strength of the petrol engines.
  3. Comfort Redefined: As soon as you step into the GLS, a feeling of comfort and luxury surrounds you. The roomy inside, which has been constructed with superior supplies and extreme care to detail, provides travelers with a peaceful haven. The GLS is more than simply a car; it's a haven on wheels where every trip is an opulent affair. Every feature, from the luxury seats to the modern infotainment system, is intended to provide an unrivaled driving and riding experience.
  4. Creative Integration of Technology: One of the key factors contributing to Mercedes-Benz's success is the company's constant commitment to technological innovation, which can be seen by the GLS. The SUV is equipped with a plethora of innovative technologies that are changing in-car technology, including connectivity options, infotainment controls that are easy to use, and advanced driver aid systems. The seamless integration of technology into the GLS defines it as a high-end SUV that is ready for the future in addition to enhancing the driving experience.
  5. Tailored for the Indian Market: Mercedes-Benz's success in India is not solely attributed to the global appeal of its vehicles; it is also a result of the brand's ability to understand and cater to the unique demands of the Indian market. The GLS, in particular, has been tailored to suit the preferences and requirements of Indian consumers. 
  6. Strategic Market Positioning: The success of the GLS in driving Mercedes-Benz India's top-end growth is not accidental but a result of strategic market positioning. Recognizing the potential of the luxury SUV segment, Mercedes-Benz made a conscious effort to offer a vehicle that not only competes but dominates.
  7. Emphasis on After-Sales Service: In the luxury automotive segment, the relationship between the brand and the customer extends far beyond the point of purchase. Recognizing this, Mercedes-Benz has invested significantly in after-sales service and customer support. ?
  8. Expanding Dealer Network: To make the GLS and other models available to more parts of the nation, Mercedes-Benz has actively grown its dealer network.
  9. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: In an era where environmental consciousness is a key consideration for consumers, Mercedes-Benz has incorporated sustainability into its strategy.
  10. Challenges and Opportunities: While the GLS has played a pivotal role in Mercedes-Benz India's top-end growth, the luxury automotive market is not without challenges.
  11. The Road to Continued Success: As Mercedes-Benz India continues its journey with the GLS steering its top-end growth, the future appears promising.
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C- class

A quick back of the enveloApe calculation also shows that Mercedes sold approximately 4,300 cars priced above Rs 1.5 crore. The success of high-end cars has also lifted Mercedes India’s average selling price from Rs 57 lakh four years ago to Rs 88 lakh today, according to the company. As ever, a lot of the luxury game is about retaining the customer, and keeping them happy and coming back for more, and it seems Mercedes India is doing a particularly good job in this respect – 50 percent of its buyers are existing customers.