Global Debut: MG Comet EV, Baojun Yep 5-Door SUV in 2024

Global Debut: MG Comet EV, Baojun Yep 5-Door SUV in 2024

The Baojun Yep compact SUV will be getting a five-door version in select markets soon and the model has been spied testing already. The new EV SUV, said to be called the Yep Plus, is expected to launch in China in the first quarter of this year. Read on to know how this new model relates to the India-bound MG Comet EV-based SUV that’s coming in 2025. Few other details are available at the moment, though some sources suggest the Yep Plus will get a battery pack that’s larger than the 28.1kWh unit in the Yep, which is said to have a range of 303km. The three-door EV SUV has a single electric motor on the rear axle that generates 68hp and 140Nm of torque; its top speed is limited to 100kph. As the spy images show, the Yep Plus is an elongated version of the SUV that went on sale in China in May last year. The longer wheelbase is clearly visible, and while the Yep Plus will be longer than the 3.4-metre Yep, the overall length is still expected to duck under the 4-metre mark. The retro-boxy styling has been retained, and even the design of the tail-lights and bumper see little change.

The automotive industry is on the cusp of a groundbreaking moment as two major players, MG and Baojun, gear up for the global debut of their latest offerings in 2024.

  1. Electrifying Performance: At the heart of the MG Comet EV is a state-of-the-art electric powertrain designed to deliver electrifying performance.
  2. Design Language: MG is renowned for its distinctive design language, and the Comet EV is no exception. Signature design elements, such as the bold grille and dynamic LED lighting, are anticipated to make the Comet EV instantly recognizable on the roads.
  3. Advanced Technology Integration: Cutting-edge technology is a hallmark of MG vehicles, and the Comet EV is poised to continue this tradition. ?
  4. Sustainability Focus: As an all-electric vehicle, the MG Comet EV places sustainability at its core.
  5. Global Market Presence: MG's global footprint is set to expand further with the introduction of the Comet EV.
Global Debut: MG Comet EV, Baojun Yep 5-Door SUV in 2024 - right
MG Comet EV

Baojun Yep 5-Door SUV: A Fusion of Style and Utility

Baojun, a key player in the Chinese automotive industry, is set to make waves on the global stage with the introduction of the Yep 5-Door SUV.

  1. Compact Design, Spacious Interior: The Yep 5-Door SUV is designed to navigate urban landscapes with ease, featuring a compact footprint that makes it agile in city traffic.
  2. Dynamic Exterior Styling: Baojun is known for its dynamic and contemporary design philosophy, and the Yep 5-Door SUV is anticipated to embody these principles.
  3. Efficient Powertrain Options: The Yep 5-Door SUV is expected to offer efficient powertrain options that align with the growing demand for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  4. Urban Connectivity and Tech Features: Urban mobility is a key focus for the Yep 5-Door SUV, and Baojun is expected to integrate advanced connectivity features to enhance the urban driving experience.

MG-badged Baojun Yep coming to India

As we had reported earlier, MG Motor India is working on a new top hat for the Comet’s Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform, and this new EV will essentially be a rebadged (and mildly restyled) Baojun Yep . Codenamed E260, this new EV SUV will be only slightly larger than the Comet and share its three-door layout – an MG-badged Yep Plus is unlikely to be introduced here. More information about the upcoming MG Comet EV based SUV will arrive closer to its launch in 2025. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, MG Motor's parent company, SAIC Motor, has entered into a joint venture with the JSW Group in a bid to expand the British brand's presense in India. The JSW Group holds a 35 percent stake in the JV that is said to be working towards bringing ICE and NEVs (a four-wheeled EV that has a maximum speed greater than 32kph, but not more than 40kph) to the market.