Gensol EV Spotted Testing – 3W EV to Come with ADAS and Auto Park Features

Gensol EV Spotted Testing – 3W EV to Come with ADAS and Auto Park Features

Venturing beyond its established presence in the solar business, the Gensol Group is now making strides into the electric car industry. With a focus on providing urban mobility solutions to alleviate city congestion, the company recently teased the Gensol EV online, and the vehicle has been spotted undergoing testing in Chakan, Pune.

Gensol EV Spotted Testing

The electric car startup, Gensol Electric Vehicles PVT LTD, has chosen Pune, India's largest auto cluster, as its base. With its headquarters in Mundhwa and a manufacturing facility in Chakan boasting a production capacity of 30,000 units per year, the company is making significant strides in the electric vehicle (EV) domain. The recently spotted test mule, adorned with temporary registration from Chinchwad RTO, signifies the commencement of real-world testing.

Targeting the Affordable EV Segment

Gensol aims to position itself in the affordable EV category, addressing a segment with limited current offerings. This market positioning places it below the MG Comet EV in terms of pricing and above PMV, a player that has already launched a mini electric car in India and the segment is gaining attention, with other contenders like Ligier Mygi and Renault planning to introduce electric vehicles in this space.

Distinctive 3-Wheel Architecture

One notable feature that sets the Gensol EV apart from expected rivals is its 3-wheel architecture. Unlike traditional 4-wheel electric cars, the Gensol EV adopts a design with two wheels at the front and one at the back and this distinctive approach deviates from the conventional appearance of electric cars and offers a unique proposition in the market.

Gensol EV Spotted Testing – 3W EV to Come with ADAS and Auto Park Features - image
Gensol EV

Speculations on Seating Arrangement and Features

Given Gensol's focus on affordable urban electric mobility, speculations about the vehicle's features and specifications are rife. It is anticipated that the EV might feature a small battery pack with a claimed range of 200 km and a real-world range of 150 km. The vehicle could adopt a single-motor front-wheel-drive layout, propelling both front wheels, with a claimed top speed of 80 km/h. The seating arrangement may cater to four adults, with a comfortable three-person seating configuration, and offer a decently sized boot space.

Design and Technological Aspects

The Gensol EV exhibits a tallboy design, with a focus on urban maneuverability. Despite potential concerns about a higher center of gravity with the three-wheel setup, Gensol is reportedly developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and auto parking features for its maiden EV. The interior features include two electric windows, manual air conditioning, an Android-based touchscreen infotainment system (likely aftermarket), a single-pane sunroof, and more.

Launch and Licensing Considerations

While the exact launch date remains uncertain, projections indicate a possible launch around 2025, with pricing expected to be below that of the MG Comet. One intriguing question that arises from the unique three-wheel architecture of the Gensol EV is if a motorcycle license is required to drive it which would lend a unique aspect to its market appeal.

As Gensol delves into the electric car realm the upcoming EV promises to bring innovation and affordability to the urban mobility landscape. As the Gensol EV moves through testing and gets closer to its official debut keep checking back for more updates.