All-New Force T1N Van Platform Officially Revealed

All-New Force T1N Van Platform Officially Revealed

Force Motors, the Pune-based automaker has officially revealed a next-gen shared mobility platform that has been designed for both the internal combustion engines as well as all-electric drive. The all-new platform, codenamed as Force T1N, has been revealed to the audience with an electric Traveller van. The brand has been focusing on the new shared mobility platform from the past four years while at the same time building extraordinary products based on the same that cater to the passenger's comfort as well as safety as per the international standards. The Traveller van based on the Force T1N platform has been regarded as the debutant vehicle in the country that offers crash and rollover compliance in addition to offering a driver side as well as co-driver side airbags. The brand has further equipped the electric van with premium safety features for the passengers which include disc brakes on all the four tyres with EBD, ABS, EDTC and ESP. Force Motors has specifically developed the T1N platform to target a wider audience base in the Middle East, ASEAN, South African, as well as the American markets. The multiple stages of the development of the all-new Force T1N platform were handled by a dedicated team of engineers and managers with hands-on knowledge about the innovative technology as well as other domains. The team has worked with the organisation to develop new products based on their benchmarking studies conducted both domestically as well as globally. The Force T1N-based electric van is the first-ever product in its class to feature independent front suspension equipped with parabolic springs which further offers the van with best riding capabilities. Powering the all-new Traveller van is a BS6-compliant diesel engine that is capable of offering a peak torque of 350Nm. In addition to this, the brand will also offer the van with a BS6 CNG variant as well as an all-electric variant in the coming months. The T1N platform is expected to be revealed to the audience at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020 though the van will be available for sale by the end of the year 2020.

Force T1N Van Photos

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