Exclusive: Vespa Collaborates with Justin Bieber to Unveil Limited Edition Scooter!

Exclusive: Vespa Collaborates with Justin Bieber to Unveil Limited Edition Scooter!

Vespa is known for their classic scooter style. By collaborating with pop superstar Justin Bieber, they were able to achieve something truly amazing. 

They worked together to create the JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA limited edition scooter. It looks awesome because they mixed Justin Bieber's artistic style with Vespa's classic look.

Looks and Features

Vespa scooters have a familiar shape. They introduced the special JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA limited edition, showing that Vespa's style lasts over time. This scooter is mostly elegant white, with unique white flames on it. What's special is it has whitewall tires, which is rare these days. This makes it extra unique and special.

Power and Performance

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter uses Vespa Sprint 150's strong 155cc engine. It has 12.5hp power and 12.4Nm torque, offering an amazing ride. The six-speed gearbox lets you speed up, and it breaks well with a 200mm front disc brake and a 140mm rear drum brake with single-channel ABS.

Connected Riding: The scooter has a cool digital screen with Bluetooth and app connections. This helps you stay connected while travelling.


Artistic Style: The white with white flames is a unique look.

Exclusive: It's special and not common, making it appealing to collectors.

Modern Tech: The scooter has a high-tech screen with Bluetooth, making the ride better.

Classic Design: It keeps Vespa's classic design but with a new twist.


Price: It's a bit expensive at Rs 6,45,690 (ex-showroom), which might not be for everyone.

Limited Amount: There aren't many, so it might be hard to find one.


Extra Touches

The scooter has cool details, like the white flames and full-LED lights. The 12-inch wheels look amazing and make the scooter perform better. There's also special stuff like a bag, gloves, and a helmet with Bieber's flame on it.

Shared Values 

Diego Graffi, who runs Piaggio Vehicles, says the scooter is a mix of Bieber and Vespa's shared values of creativity and energy. Sharing views and being inventive are more important than the scooter only.

Looking Forward

Vespa has done cool things with others before. Now, Justin Bieber's scooter continues this. Vespa is able to change while maintaining its vintage appearance, as shown in the picture.

Future Preview

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter isn't just about looks. It's about being new and showing creativity. Pop culture and traditional design are combined. It is a modern, stylish scooter that Justin Bieber and Vespa both use.

Ride Comfort 

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter doesn't just look good. It is designed for a comfortable ride. The seat, handlebars, and footrests are made for comfort. The front telescopic forks and rear monoshock of the suspension provide a comfortable ride even on rough routes.

Personal Touch

The scooter also has cool extras that match its style. The bag, gloves, and helmet with Bieber's flame logo make you part of the scooter's style.

Bieber's Influence

Justin Bieber's creative touch is in the scooter's design and inside too. Maps and music are made easier on the colour screen, making the ride more enjoyable.

Special Teamwork

The partnership between Justin Bieber and Vespa brings music and scooters together. Creating a scooter that's not just for riding is unique and classic. It's a gem for music and scooter lovers both. It is a piece of art that attracts many different interests and is more than simply a scooter.

Limited Edition

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter is more than a way to travel. It is like a piece of art. These scooters are rare, therefore having one is equivalent to having something priceless for collectors. This makes the scooter even more unique. People who like art, design, and being different really want it.

Bieber's Creative Journey

Justin Bieber helped design this special scooter to show his creativity in different ways.We know Bieber for his music and creativity. By collaborating with Vespa, he shows the ability to take risks and express himself in a cool way. The scooter comes to represent this.

A Glimpse into the Future

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter shows us something important. It's not only about the present; it also considers what collaboration and design may appear like in the future.  Vespa keeps making classic things and mixing them with new ideas. This agreement opens the door for future collaborations that could alter scooter design and the way artists display their work.

The JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA scooter, shows the importance of collaboration and imagination in the world of bikes. It's not just about riding; it is also working as a piece of art which promotes original ideas and designs. 

This scooter is unique because both bike riders and creative people like it a lot. It's cool because it looks great, has modern technology, and a bit of popular culture in it. As it goes on the roads, it carries Vespa's classic style and Justin Bieber's creative touch. This allows individuals to take part in a journey that combines both travel and discovering themselves.