Exciting News: Production-Ready Orxa Mantis E-Motorcycle to be Unveiled on November 21

Exciting News: Production-Ready Orxa Mantis E-Motorcycle to be Unveiled on November 21

November 21, 2023 - Orxa Energies, a Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup is set to unveil the production-ready version of its first electric motorcycle, the Orxa Mantis, on November 21. Originally slated for production in 2020, the bike faced delays for various reasons, and it is important to note that the final production specifications may see alterations compared to the initially showcased version.

Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle: A Sneak Peek

Initially introduced in 2019, the Orxa Mantis featured an innovative six-swappable battery configuration boasting a total capacity of 9kWh. However, the production-ready version is expected to shift to a fixed battery setup while maintaining the same impressive 9kWh capacity. Although specific features and details are yet to be disclosed the pre-production model provided a glimpse of what's to come, featuring a digital instrument cluster. In terms of performance, Orxa claims that the Mantis can achieve a top speed of 140 kmph with a range of 200 km setting it apart in the electric motorcycle landscape.

Design Aesthetics: The Naked Beauty

The Mantis exhibits a striking naked aesthetic, characterized by a sharp and aggressive front profile adorned with a dual-barrel headlamp. The side profile introduces a split seat setup with a notable portion dedicated to housing the battery pack. Moving towards the rear the Mantis features split grab rails and an LED tail lamp contributing to its sporty and modern design language.

Manufacturing Milestone: Orxa's State-of-the-Art Facility

June of this year marked a significant milestone for Orxa Energies with the inauguration of a new manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. Important components including battery assembly, a specialized R&D center, testing facilities, and an internal test track are all integrated into one expansive facility. With this infrastructure, Orxa emphasizes its dedication to sustainability and innovation while establishing itself as a major participant in the electric transportation market.

Verdict: An Exciting Entry into the Electric Two-Wheeler Market

Orxa's entry into the burgeoning electric two-wheeler market is expected to generate excitement, thanks to the appealing nature of its product. While the current electric motorcycle segment is largely dominated by commuter-focused bikes the Orxa Mantis stands out as a sportier alternative, boasting an attractive design and promising performance. As bike enthusiasts await the November 21 launch the verdict on the Orxa Mantis is poised to resonate with the evolving expectations of the electric mobility landscape.