Ensuring Perfection: Toyota's Comprehensive Inspection Process for the Century SUV

Ensuring Perfection: Toyota's Comprehensive Inspection Process for the Century SUV


In the meticulous journey from production to delivery, Toyota devotes over three hours to inspecting and refining each Century SUV before it reaches its new owner. This meticulous attention to detail is part of Toyota's commitment to delivering a vehicle that meets the highest standards of excellence.

What Sets the Century SUV Apart?

The Century SUV is distinguished in Toyota's SUV lineup, standing as the pinnacle of luxury. As the most expensive model globally, it commands a price tag approximately three times higher than the esteemed Land Cruiser 300. Toyota has chosen to launch it initially in Japan, followed by a release in the Chinese market.

The Exceptional Care for the Century SUV:

  • Singular Inspector Expertise: Departing from traditional assembly line practices, a seasoned master inspector personally oversees the final checks of each Century SUV.
  • Rigorous Training and Certification: Each master inspector undergoes intensive training, followed by a meticulous 17-step process to conduct comprehensive inspections. Given that the Century SUV isn't bound by the constraints of mass production, Toyota utilizes this additional time to ensure an unparalleled level of quality.
  • Detailed Quality Assessments: From flawless paintwork to a meticulously arranged engine bay, every aspect undergoes thorough analysis and correction. Master inspector Moriaki Higa, hailing from Lexus inspections, attests that the Century SUV surpasses even the stringent quality standards set by Lexus models. Post these unique checks, the SUV autonomously navigates to the mechanical bay, self-driving through simulated city conditions. Final adjustments are made after this simulated journey, culminating in a three-and-a-half-hour process. This meticulous approach enables Toyota to project a monthly output of 30 units for this opulent SUV.

Exploring the Opulence of the Century SUV Interior

Beyond its structural prowess, the Century SUV boasts a spacious interior. It is wider and taller than its sedan counterpart while maintaining a shorter length. The interior is a haven of luxury, featuring fold-flat seats, rotating picnic tables, dual 11.6-inch TVs, touchscreen controls, and even a built-in refrigerator. The dashboard showcases dual 12.3-inch displays – one dedicated to the instrument cluster and the other to the infotainment system. Each unit is laden with luxury features, with most units being individually tailored to meet specific preferences.

Performance Beneath the Hood

Powering the Century SUV is a robust 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine integrated with a plug-in hybrid system, delivering an impressive 406 horsepower. The SUV's handling is further enhanced by a four-wheel steering system. Noteworthy is its commendable electric range of up to 69 kilometers.

Global Availability of the Century SUV

Presently, the Century SUV is exclusively available for purchase in Japan. However, Toyota has strategic plans to introduce the left-hand drive version in China, leveraging its established Lexus sales channel soon. For enthusiasts in Japan and China, the arrival of this extraordinary SUV from Toyota is eagerly anticipated.

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