Electric Kawasaki Ninja Sportbike and Z Street Fighter Revealed

Electric Kawasaki Ninja Sportbike and Z Street Fighter Revealed

Kawasaki has unveiled two production-ready models: a naked bike and a fully-faired machine. In 2023, these machines will compete in the electric bike segment. Because we do not yet know what their official names will be, we can assume that these machines will continue to be known as Z and Ninja.

While little is known about these two machines at the moment, a few key details have emerged. Both will be powered by the same battery, which has a capacity of up to 3.0kWh and is divided into two 12kg removable packs.

Kawasaki's hybrid prototype employs a powerful system. Depending on the performance required, the bike can switch between hybrid and pure electric modes.

Kawasaki claims that hydrogen-powered bikes will be available in the early 2030s. This concept is still in its early stages, and a production-ready version is still a long way off. 

The 197 hp H2 SX sports tourer is a scaled-down version of the insane H2 superbike. The H2 SX gains an auto high beam function for 2023, which detects oncoming traffic and switches between low and high beams. We have seen this feature before on some premium luxury cars, but not on any production-ready motorcycle.

The styling is reminiscent of Kawasaki's small-capacity ICE models sold in international markets. Only time will tell whether Kawasaki decides to bring these bikes to our shores.