Electric Cargo Scooter with 150 Kms Range Spotted in Testing

Electric Cargo Scooter with 150 Kms Range Spotted in Testing

Many businesses and individuals depend on motorcycles for deliveries, but they can only carry small loads and don't shield packages from weather. To address these issues and improve last-mile delivery Qargos created the world's first electric cargo motorcycle.

Innovative Specifications

The Qargos electric cargo scooter is powered by a 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, developed in collaboration with French multinational software corporation Dassault Systèmes. This formidable battery connects to a 3.4 kW motor capable of generating 6 kW of peak power. With a top speed limited to 80 km/h the scooter offers a remarkable range of 150 km on a single charge making it ideal for urban delivery operations.

At 145 kg in weight, the Qargos electric cargo scooter features a spacious 225-liter cargo compartment capable of carrying up to 120 kg of cargo. The vehicle's charging capabilities include a standard AC power socket with plans underway to introduce DC charging capabilities that will significantly reduce charging time to approximately 3 hours.

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Electric Cargo Scooter

Enhanced Efficiency 

The Qargos electric cargo scooter really steps up the game, letting couriers carry double the packages per trip and simplifying how they get it all done. With the larger cargo space, delivery executives can handle around 70 parcels per trip, compared to the average of 35 parcels with conventional two-wheelers. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy bags, the built-in cargo space ups delivery game comfort and gets jobs done 

With a cargo space that locks up tight, you have got both weather protection and theft prevention covered, a real collaborative effort for companies and their clients. Working with Dassault Systèmes, they have dialed up the scooter's design to cut through the air better. This not only stretches how far it can go but also steps up its game putting it in a strong spot among rivals for those delivery performances.

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Launch and Pricing

Qargos is on track to complete the testing and validation process, with confirmation expected by March or April. Bookings for the electric cargo scooter are expected to open in the upcoming months, with an estimated starting price of Rs 2 lakh. The company plans to produce approximately 250 units by the end of the year with production scaling up to around 12,000 units by 2025 to meet growing demand.

To date Qargos has invested USD 1 million in the project, with additional funding required for production and marketing initiatives. Qargos teamed up with outstanding suppliers to craft their prototype while Ather pitched in by innovating new charging solutions. Qargos is branching out by designing a compact, 2-seater variant that trades some cargo space for an expanded lineup and broader appeal in the market.

Revolutionizing the quick delivery scene, the Qargos electric scooter steps up with its smooth tech and sharp efficiency to meet today's fast moving commerce needs. Ready to implement the swift currents of modern trade, the Qargos electric scooter's smooth design and outstanding  tech are set to redefine delivery logistics with a cleaner, sharper edge. Ready to hit the streets the Qargos electric cargo scooter promises a leap towards sustainable deliveries and sleek efficiency in today's fast moving market.