EICMA 2018: Yamaha Niken GT Sport-Tourer Officially Unveiled

EICMA 2018: Yamaha Niken GT Sport-Tourer Officially Unveiled

Yamaha Niken GT is here to help the majority of sport touring riders with their increasing demands from the machine. The Japanese brand understood that majority of sales from the American continent were achieved from sport touring segment and offering test rides to more than 5000 buyers saw the convincing power of the three-wheeled beauty. Niken GT is here with hard saddlebags, a much effective windscreen and three grippy tires. The grips are now heated while seat has been made more comfortable than ever. Yamaha Niken GT also features a center stand, rear passenger grab rail and dual 12V DC outlet. The multi-wheel design helps get more out of the road with confidence while handling the same around corners. The lean angle is deep and safe while price tag of just $17,299 (INR 12.64 lakh approx) makes it a better option than most two-wheeled products. It comes loaded with features like cruise control and traction control.

Yamaha Niken GT Photos

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