EICMA 2018: All-New Honda CB650R Officially Unveiled

EICMA 2018: All-New Honda CB650R Officially Unveiled

2019 Honda CB650R was officially revealed at EICMA stage, leaving behind the sharp headlight design in favor of the round headlight that was first seen on CB1000R. The engine under the frame was already impressive but getting 5% improvement in peak power and reduction of 6 kg of overall weight made it truly amazing. The new frame also helps in reduction of weight considerably. The redline is 1000 rpm above the old limit. The new model comes with LED headlight and shares majority of parts with Honda CBR650R. The redesigned version successfully joins the CB1000R family that originated from the Neo Cafe Racer design language. The motorcycle comes with a completely digital console, different from the one seen on the liter-class streetfighter. The different riding position is due to forward biased handlebar on the CB650R. It is yet to been seen when Honda brings both CBR650R and CB650R to India, with the former sold as CBR650F in its current generation in the country.

Honda CB650R Photos

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