Dual Spotting: Royal Enfield Classic 650 & Scrambler 650 Caught on Test

Dual Spotting: Royal Enfield Classic 650 & Scrambler 650 Caught on Test

Royal Enfield is set to expand its esteemed 650cc motorcycle lineup with the highly anticipated Classic 650 and Scrambler 650 models. These motorcycles have recently been spotted testing together indicating that their official launch is imminent. Each model brings its unique flair and style to the Royal Enfield range promising to cater to different rider preferences and tastes. These two models are set to expand Royal Enfield's 650cc lineup each bringing its unique style to the range. 

Dual Spotting: Royal Enfield Classic 650 & Scrambler 650 Caught on Test - view
Royal Enfield Classic 650 & Scrambler 650 

Royal Enfield Scrambler 650

The Scrambler 650 grabs attention with its rugged, minimalistic design, featuring spoke wheels likely a 19-inch front and 17-inch rear setup expected to be fitted with tube tires. The flat single-piece seat enhances its scrambler aesthetics. It sports a retro look with round elements such as the LED headlight, similar to the Himalayan 450, and mirrors. However, it appears to have inherited the indicators from the Himalayan as well. The Scrambler 650 is equipped with a USD fork and twin shocks, although the shocks are not gas-charged. It retains the beloved 650cc engine but swaps the twin exhausts for a two-in-one system. The test unit was seen with MRF Nylorex-X tires.

Royal Enfield Classic 650 

The Classic 650, on the other hand, releases a timeless charm with its low and wide handlebar, fork sleeves, headlight nacelle, and spoke wheels, which are likely to be 18-inch units at both ends. A throwback to the iconic Royal Enfield past the motorcycle's design has peashooter exhausts that produce the familiar impact that fans love. Because of its enhanced antique appearance and halogen indicators the Classic 650 is a great choice for riders who like the elegance and happy memories of vintage motorcycles. Long-distance traveling and relaxing trips will find the Classic 650 to be a great partner due to its predicted comfortable and comfortable riding experience. 

Launch and Pricing

The launch of the Royal Enfield Classic 650 and Scrambler 650 is eagerly awaited by motorcycle enthusiasts and is expected to take place in India sometime in the first half of this year. The Classic 650 is anticipated to be priced at around Rs 3.20 lakh, while the Scrambler 650's pricing is expected to start from approximately Rs 3.50 lakh (ex-showroom). Both models are probably going to be appealing choices for riders wanting to get into the 650cc class given their affordable pricing points.

The Royal Enfield 650cc collection is expected to gain a great deal of value with the introduction of the Classic 650 and Scrambler 650. Due to their unique appearance, features, and expected cost these motorcycles should appeal to a wide range of riders from thrill seekers to lovers of the vintage look. It is greatly expected that the approaching release of these models will strengthen Royal Enfield's position in the mid-capacity motorcycle market.