Do You Own A CNG Car in India? - Then You Must Read This!

Do You Own A CNG Car in India? - Then You Must Read This!

CNG, or compressed natural gas, has quickly become one of India’s most popular automotive fuels. The key reasons for its widespread adoption are its low cost, clean nature, and high calorific composition. Rising prices of crude oil are compelling people to opt for cost-saving fuel options. And hence, folks are not only buying CNG models but also converting their traditional fuel vehicles into CNG by fitting after-market kits.

As the Govt has already made stringent rules and regulations for the safety of vehicle owners, they can use only RTO approved kits. However, they should take proper care and follow the mandatory guidelines since so many car blasts in CNG vehicles have been noted in recent times. There are plenty of instances of such major incidents that took place while filling out the gas and led to fatal accidents.


A deadly CNG car blast took place in Mansa, Punjab when an Alto car owner went to the fuel pump for refilling the vehicle. The accident was so forceful that it took the life of one person and the other two got injured badly. Another instance is the explosion in the CNG car tank at the filling station in Bharuch, Gujarat. As seen in the video, the car was destroyed to a great extent but fortunately, no one was inside the car.

It’s worth mentioning here that we should not sit inside the car refilling CNG since the unpredictability of leaks, may cause heat, pressure bursts, or a fire. When you refuel CNG in your car, the pipe exerts more than 200 bar of pressure. Even a little fissure might break out due to the enormous amount of pressure. Aside from your automobile, it is risky for passengers to sit inside when refuelling. You should also ensure that the gas station does not overfill the tank, as this increases the risk.