Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip on a Suzuki Hayabusa by Jasminder Singh

Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip on a Suzuki Hayabusa by Jasminder Singh

Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip on a Suzuki Hayabusa: Proving himself once again as one of the most adventurous superbike Motovlogger in India, Jasminder Singh of JS Films took his Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R to yet another difficult terrain, the Spiti Valley. Being regarded as Daring Singh, Jasminder and his team earlier took a cross country India-Bhutan-Nepal ride before taking over the mountains in the Spiti Valley. The route chosen by Jasminder was Delhi-Spiti-Manali-Leh-Srinagar and back to Delhi. The group of four friends including Jasminder started their journey from Delhi on June 20, 2019. Two of his friends took the adventure tour on their KTM 390 Duke while one of the friends conquered the distance on his Royal Enfield Himalayan. [caption id="attachment_514466" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip on a Suzuki Hayabusa by Jasminder Singh[/caption] The group covered a distance of 335 km from Delhi to Chail where they were welcomed with heavy rainfall, and according to them, it was one of the biggest challenges they faced on Day 1. The group completed their journey from Chail to Rampur Bushahr on the second day and covered a distance of 145 km. The third day went along as the group reached Nako by covering a distance of 185 km. [caption id="attachment_514480" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip Kunzum Pass[/caption] Jasminder and team went ahead with their bikes on the fourth day and covered a distance of 111 km from Nako to Kaza. The 5th day of their journey marked the beginning of the adventure as the 150 km route covered to reach Kunzum from Kaza was completely off-road. The weather conditions were hard considering their first interaction with the breath chilling snow. The shorter route from the Kunzum pass to Leh was closed due to the heavy snow which made the riders take a longer route via Manali. According to Jasminder Singh, they could have saved three days if the Kunzum to Keylong route was not blocked. [caption id="attachment_514481" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip On the 7th Day of Travel, They Met with 3 Landslides[/caption] They reached back to Kaza safely and carried on with their 6th-day travel to Tabo. The distance from Kaza to Tabo was just 48 km though, the team met with harsh rains on the way which did hinder their progress to cover more distance. After starting their journey to Manali via the Jalori pass on the 7th day of travel, they met with three landslides on the way which indeed slowed down their speeds. At this point of time, the group parted ways as two of the riders (Sunny and Bulu Patnaik) were supposed to return to Delhi. Jasminder Singh and Omkar Khanna then completed their travel to Manali along the Jalori Pass and covered a distance of 435 km. The duo travelled amidst the empty roads and scary woods on their way to Manali. [caption id="attachment_514485" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip Rohtang Pass[/caption] On their 8th day of travel, the duo covered a distance of 137 km from Manali to Jispa where they were met with several halts due to the ongoing tourist traffic as well as the rain and snow in Rohtang did hinder the journey. The onwards journey from Rohtang to Jispa was one of the highlights of their adventure tour since they have to cover all the distance amidst the slush and water crossings that indeed put a test to their mettle. Day 9 was one of the most difficult times of their adventure since the road from Jispa to Leh was covered in snow and Jasminder’s Hayabusa met with a flat tyre. The ongoing traffic and the harsh snow didn’t help the situation either. Both the riders crossed maximum water crossings on the 9th day and decided to make a halt in Leh for the next two days. [caption id="attachment_514484" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip Magnetic Hill (Leh Ladakh)[/caption] Jasminder’s wife accompanied him in exploring the Leh valley while a new pillion on the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa gathered the attraction of locals along the way. The group explored the Magnetic Hill and the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. On the 11th day, Jasminder with his wife as a pillion rider explored Khardungla top and then came back to Leh at the end of the day. [caption id="attachment_514479" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip Khardungla Top[/caption] On the next day, the riders travelled from Leh to Pangong where Jasminder has to give up the Hayabusa for a while and rented a much practical plus capable Royal Enfield Himalayan to explore the location with his wife. One Day 13, they travelled from Pangong to Leh by covering a distance of 222 km. Day 14 and 15 went along by travelling from Leh to Srinagar (419 km) and from Srinagar to Jammu (264 km) respectively. The Zozila pass along the way was quite muddy to travel while the ongoing Amarnath Yatra via Jammu hindered their speed due to multiple traffic diversions. The riders then covered a distance of 106 km from Jammu to Pathankot. First, they took a detour to Atal Setu Basohli (110 km) and then went ahead to cover the 496 km from Pathankot to Delhi. They covered an unbeatable distance of 712 km on the last day. The entire trip turned out to be one of the most Herculean tasks overtaken by Jasminder on his Hayabusa considering the offroad conditions, harsh weather as well as the traffic. It was Jasminder’s second road trip to Leh on his Hayabusa though considering there are no proofs of a traveller riding on the mighty Hayabusa to Spiti Valley, Jasminder is the first person to conquer such difficult terrains on his superbike. His entire journey shrieks of utmost strength and vigour that is highly appreciated.

Delhi-To-Spiti Road Trip

List of Riders

  • Jasminder Singh (Suzuki Hayabusa)
  • Omkar Khanna (KTM 390 Duke)
  • Sunny (KTM 390 Duke)
  • Bulu Patnaik (Royal Enfield Himalayan)

Travel Log

  • Day 01: Delhi to Chail (335 km)
  • Day 02: Chail to Rampur Bushahr (145 km)
  • Day 03: Rampur Bushahr to Nako (185 km)
  • Day 04: Nako to Kaza (111 km)
  • Day 05: Kaza to Kunzum Pass & Back (150 km)
  • Day 06: Kaza to Tabo (48 km)
  • Day 07: Tabo to Manali via Jalori Pass (435 km)
  • Day 08: Manali to Jispa (137 km)
  • Day 09: Jispa to Leh (335 km)
  • Day 10: Magnetic Hill and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib (Sightseeing)
  • Day 11: Leh to Khardungla & Back (Sightseeing)
  • Day 12: Leh to Pangong & Back (Sightseeing)
  • Day 13: Pangong to Leh (222 km)
  • Day 14: Leh to Srinagar (419 km)
  • Day 15: Srinagar to Jammu (264 km)
  • Day 16: Jammu to Pathankot (106 km), Atal Setu Basohli & Back (110 km), Pathankot to Delhi (496 km), Total distance clocked on the last day: 712 km

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