DC's Unique Mahindra Thar 6x6 Upgrade

DC's Unique Mahindra Thar 6x6 Upgrade

The DC-designed Mahindra Thar 6x6 has created a stir in the automotive industry and is a fascinating upgrade to the well-liked new-generation Mahindra Thar which came to fame after its premiere in October 2020. This modified version was created by the well-known Indian auto customization business DC, and it draws attention everywhere it goes.

Project Development

At first glance, the Thar 6x6 might appear to be a one-off concept, a mere flight of fancy. However, despite having an expensive cost, the project is real and concrete, Let's start by discussing the unique history of this vehicle and the incredible modifications that have been made to it.

How Did the Project Get Started?

The inspiration behind the creation of the Thar 6x6 was rooted in the overwhelming popularity of 6x6 vehicles, exemplified by icons like the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon 6x6 and custom-made Jeep Gladiator 6x6. However, these vehicles are exceedingly luxurious and not accessible to the average Indian. This unmet desire for a similar vehicle led to the inception of the Thar 6x6.

Hidden Modifications

The Thar's transformation into a 6x6 is more than just a cosmetic makeover. Beyond the visible changes to the body, windshields, lights, and interior, DC has made significant alterations to the chassis. To accommodate the additional third axle, DC extended the rear section of the chassis using outriggers, leaving the front portion untouched. Critically, despite these substantial changes, the modified Thar 6x6 manages to maintain short overhangs, which not only enhance its aesthetics but also significantly improve its capability to navigate steep inclines and declines. The Thar 6x6's payload capacity has been significantly improved by DC, enabling it to currently transport up to a significant one tonne of freight.

Engine and Transmission

The core components of any vehicle are its engine and transmission. In India, if you're considering acquiring the Thar 6x6, the powertrain remains unchanged. However, for those in the UK, DC offers a different 4.0-liter Ford engine and an 8-speed transmission, providing a distinctive power and driving experience tailored to that market.

Conversion Time

Converting a regular Thar into a Thar 6x6 is no small task, and DC2 Design estimates that the process will require approximately 120 days. This period accounts for all the numerous modifications and changes, such as enhancements to the performance, structure, and design.

Variants and Customization

While the fundamental design of the Thar 6x6 remains consistent, DC recognizes the importance of personalization. Therefore, they offer buyers the flexibility to select different colors and trims. This allows owners to add a touch of their personality to this already distinctive vehicle.

Cost and Legality

The most pertinent question that arises when considering such extreme vehicle customizations is the cost. In this case, the price of converting a regular Thar into a Thar 6x6 is a substantial Rs 55 lakh, and this does not include the 28 percent GST. When the tax is factored in, the total price reaches approximately Rs 70.40 lakh. It's important to note that this is separate from the cost of a new Mahindra Thar, which you must provide to DC for modification. Also, potential buyers should confirm that the vehicle has received the necessary legal approvals, such as those from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Obtaining these legal approvals is a standard procedure for extreme vehicle customizations like the Thar 6x6, assuring that it meets all safety and compliance standards.


To wrap it up, the Mahindra Thar 6x6, created by DC, is an amazing custom-made car that started from the already cool Mahindra Thar. They wanted to give folks in India a taste of what 6x6 cars are all about. To increase load capacity, they significantly altered the car by enlarging the body and adding a second set of wheels to the back. While the powertrain remains unchanged for the Indian market, a distinct engine and transmission are offered for the UK market. The conversion process takes around 120 days, allowing for precise craftsmanship. Also, consumers can customize this distinctive car by selecting their preferred color and trim options. Don't forget, that you will need a good chunk of money for this project, and you have to make sure the folks in charge, like the Regional Transport Office (RTO), are on board with the changes. The Mahindra Thar 6x6 is undoubtedly interesting for auto enthusiasts seeking a unique driving experience.