Custom-Made Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 by Old Empire Motorcycles

Custom-Made Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 by Old Empire Motorcycles

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is yet to make an official entry in India but, 'Old Empire Motorcycles' have made something that true fans will feel jealous of for a long time. The Interceptor 650 based custom motorcycle is actually ripped to the core, removing parts that rider won’t need in most conditions. They have neatly hidden the basic parts and painted the same in the deep metallic red shade with an Alcantara seat with equal use of leather. It seems like this Interceptor is fond of luxury and darkness, carrying black engine parts with golden Royal Enfield moniker and aggressive overall styling. The front now comes with a futuristic cowl with no space for the headlight. One can also spot the unique handlebar with matching grips and hidden levers. The internalized controls are tricky to use and thus, makes Royal Enfield Interceptor by Old Empire Customs really unique. The motorcycle features key-less ignition and brings suspension covers back into action on the front. The front and rear Metzeler tires are mounted on spoke rims that are available with black base and chrome spokes. The fuel tank now integrates a clock-like dial in its middle, raising the bar of sophistication by one step. Interceptor 650 is powered by a 648cc, twin-cylinder engine, producing 47HP of max power at 7100 rpm and 52 NM at 5250 rpm. They have not mentioned any specific engine tune but, the reduction in weight will definitely result in better performance on this customized Interceptor. The huge twin exhausts make way for these free flow pipes with visible welds. The motorcycle is oil+air cooled and uses plain black parts to hide the components available under the triangular frame area. The front fascia seems inspired by a Grasshopper and overall, this machine is capable of turning heads at all times.

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How does the Royal Enfield Interceptor 350 differ from the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650?
2023-08-29 09:20:00 AM

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 350 shares the same design philosophy and styling cues as the Interceptor 650, but it's equipped with a smaller 350cc engine. This makes it a more entry-level option with a focus on accessible performance.

Which is a better option: Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 or Royal Enfield Interceptor 650?
2023-01-07 02:13:56 PM

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is a great option for those who are looking for an entry-level cruiser motorcycle. It boasts a powerful engine and is perfect for those who want to explore the open roads with style. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, on the other hand, is an ideal option for those who want a more powerful motorcycle with a sportier look. 

The Interceptor 650 comes with a higher-performing engine and is perfect for those who want an adrenaline-filled ride. Ultimately, the choice between these two motorcycles depends on the rider's preferences, tastes, and needs.