MONO RACR Retro-Modern Sport Bike Concept

MONO RACR Retro-Modern Sport Bike Concept

HUGE Moto brings an all new Concept termed 'Mono Racr' for the world. Inspired from nothing which can be seen on our roads currently, the Concept has a whole new story for its existence. People at HUGE Moto were bored with everyday bikes, specially the ones which are called all-new by just adding neon lights and a few deep cuts within themselves. They wanted to bring something which would not resemble anything made by Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha or any other manufacturer around the world. 01_lean_c Fulfilling this condition could have only been done with the design like 'Mono Racr'. Nothing here matches to anyone, claiming an exclusive place in the industry of Concepts. Not even this much, they also wanted to create something which could turn into reality and not just another worthless concept that would be scrapped after a motor show. This was the biggest challenge as drawing something was a different thing while drawing with science in mind could bring more full stops to them. 02_rear_leftupper_c After following there very own rule book, they were able to achieve this marvelous piece of motorcycling industry, still to be derived into a production ready version. They started with a familiar engine, Honda CBR1000RR's 1000 cc, inline 4 unit. Taking care of the engine's design, they digitally designed a new frame and swing arm, which would be made out of carbon fiber for weight reduction. The frame was designed after studying every available liter class frame around the world. front_rightlow2_c

MONO RACR Retro-Modern Sport Bike Concept

They chose a retro futuristic design as the current age designs would have been nearest to the Ducati's or Yamaha's design, making the bike look like another fancy Panigale or R1. Futuristic design could ruin the functionality if it would not have received the experienced retro appeal into it. The wheels are three spoke, carbon fiber alloys while the motorcycle's full weight seems to be around the engine compartment. The rear feels light and empty while front receives a fully faired design. 80% of the design can still be turned into reality while HUGE Moto will soon try to make it a practical option for riders with selective taste. The motorcycle looks actually insane with its triangular front fairing, futuristic LED lights and highly influential design language. 03_group_c