Citroen C3 Aircross Auto Launching in India on January 29

Citroen C3 Aircross Auto Launching in India on January 29

Citroen has officially confirmed that it will launch an automatic version of the C3 Aircross SUV in the country on 29 January, 2024. Last week, we got you exclusive details regarding the prices of the model scheduled to be announced this month. The anticipation is building as Citroen, the renowned French automaker, gears up to launch the automatic variant of its popular C3 Aircross in the Indian market on January 29. The C3 Aircross, known for its distinctive design and versatility, is set to raise the bar with the introduction of an automatic transmission option.

Select dealerships have already commenced pre-bookings of the automatic C3 Aircross for Rs. 25,000, and the new version will be offered in two variants, namely Plus and Max. Transmission duties will be handled by a six-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. The Citroen C3 Aicross is currently powered by a 1.0-litre, turbo-petrol engine that generates 109bhp and 190Nm of torque, sending power to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

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Citroen C3 Aircross

Key Points

1. Distinctive Design: Citroen's Signature Aesthetics: One of the hallmarks of Citroen vehicles is their unique and distinctive design language. From the iconic Airbump technology to the bold grille and dynamic lines, we analyze the design elements that set the C3 Aircross apart in the competitive SUV segment. How does Citroen's signature design philosophy resonate with Indian consumers, and what visual enhancements can we expect in the automatic variant?

2. Automatic Transmission:: A new level of driving enjoyment is provided by the C3 Aircross's automatic transmission.

3. Interior Comfort and Connectivity: A Tech-Savvy Haven: Stepping inside the C3 Aircross, we focus on the interior comfort and connectivity features that contribute to an enjoyable driving experience.

4. Engine Performance and Efficiency: The Heart of the Drive: Under the hood, the C3 Aircross has been known for delivering a balanced blend of power and fuel efficiency.

5. Safety Features: Prioritizing Protection: Safety is a paramount consideration for Indian consumers, and we explore the safety features incorporated into the C3 Aircross Automatic. How does the C3 Aircross Automatic fare in crash tests and what preventive and protective measures does it offer for a secure driving environment?

6. Pricing Strategy: Competitive Positioning: The success of any vehicle in the Indian market is closely tied to its pricing strategy.

7. Potential Impact on the SUV Market: Shaping Consumer Choices: As the C3 Aircross Automatic enters the Indian market, we analyze its potential impact on the SUV segment.

8. After-Sales Service and Customer Support: Building Trust: The success of any vehicle launch is not solely determined by its features; after-sales service and customer support play a crucial role. How does Citroen plan to ensure a seamless ownership experience for C3 Aircross Automatic buyers?

The C3 Aircross Automatic Unveiled

As Citroen prepares to unveil the C3 Aircross Automatic in India on January 29, the excitement is palpable. Prospective buyers and enthusiasts can now anticipate a driving experience that goes beyond the ordinary, with the C3 Aircross Automatic promising to be a game-changer in the compact SUV category. Feature highlights of the C3 Aircross SUV include a reverse parking camera, alloy wheels, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and front fog lights.