Bugatti Unveils the Chiron Super Sport 57: A Timeless Ode to Elegance and Speed

Bugatti Unveils the Chiron Super Sport 57: A Timeless Ode to Elegance and Speed


Bugatti has recently taken the automotive world by storm with the grand reveal of its latest creation, the Chiron Super Sport 57. This exceptional vehicle pays a heartfelt tribute to the timeless elegance of the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, an automotive masterpiece that first graced the roads in the illustrious year of 1934. Beyond its aesthetic prowess, the Super Sport 57 is a poignant chapter in the Chiron series, representing one of the last iterations as the Chiron itself is sold out, making way for its hybrid successor scheduled for a much-anticipated debut in the coming months.

Unique Design Features

A discerning American patron commissioned the Chiron Super Sport 57, seeking not just a car but an automotive masterpiece. The vehicle boasts a plethora of distinctive design elements carefully curated to imbue it with an 'iconic' status, a nod to the revered Atlantic. Among these features is the introduction of a meticulously crafted horseshoe front grille, adorned with 14 polished vertical slats, a deliberate echo of the original 1934 design. The blue paint, carefully applied to both the bodywork and wheels, is not just a color choice but a deliberate homage to the aesthetic allure of the Bugatti Type 57. The rear spoiler, an artist's canvas, showcases a hand-drawn silhouette of the Atlantic, accompanied by the bold proclamation '57 One of One,' emphasizing its exclusivity.

Exterior Highlights

While the Chiron Super Sport 57 indulges in bespoke design, Bugatti's engineering team has meticulously ensured that these enhancements seamlessly coalesce with the imperative specifications required for achieving its remarkable top speed of 440 kilometers per hour. The vehicle proudly parades stacked quad exhausts, a distinctive C-shaped side profile, a rear end that boasts a bumper-width light bar, prominently defined beltlines, and a W16 engine bay thoughtfully cloaked for optimal aerodynamic efficiency. Every design nuance is not merely aesthetic but a harmonious convergence of form and function.

Interior Elegance

Step inside, and the Chiron Super Sport 57 continues its journey into opulence and sophistication. The cabin envelopes its occupants in a lavish embrace of brown Gaucho leather upholstery, intricately adorned with hand-stitched silhouettes of the Atlantic, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The center console, serving as the nucleus of interior opulence, features an inlay bearing the car's distinguished name, adding a touch of bespoke luxury. Completing the interior aesthetic, the headrests proudly showcase Bugatti's historic 'Dancing Elephant' graphic, a symbol that has graced the most exclusive vehicles since the illustrious 1926 Type 41 Royale.

Pricing and Exclusivity

While the allure of the Chiron Super Sport 57 is undeniable, Bugatti has chosen to shroud the exact purchase price in an air of mystery. Industry insiders speculate that this exclusive masterpiece will command a significant premium over the already prestigious £3.5 million tag associated with the standard Chiron Super Sport. Emphasizing its exclusivity, Bugatti has opted for a limited production run, ensuring that this unique model becomes not just a car but a coveted collector's item, adding yet another illustrious chapter to the storied history of the Bugatti brand.