Brand-Wise Indian Car Sales Report & Analysis (April 2019)

Brand-Wise Indian Car Sales Report & Analysis (April 2019)

Brand-Wise Indian Car Sales Report (April 2019): The first thing that comes clear from the sales report for cars in April 2019 is a decline in the number of units for every brand, except for Honda. Maruti Suzuki, the best selling brand was good for 1,31,385 units in April 2019, registering a downfall of 19.6% in comparison to its sales number in April 2018. The fall is huge as the number of units wiped from the company's sales chart is more than the individual sales of every brand except Hyundai. The second best seller was good for 42,005 units, down by 10% and losing more than 4,500 units in April 2019. [caption id="attachment_503552" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Suzuki Swift Sport Katana Edition Suzuki Swift Sport Katana Edition Officially Unveiled[/caption] The sales drop registered by Mahindra was 8%, with the brand pushing 18,901 units during the same period while Tata Motors suffered a massive drop of approx 26%. They registered 12,695 units and scored the fourth position. Honda India got 23% jump and posed as the only brand to bring positive growth to the sales chart at 11,272 units. However, their new Civic is failing to impress the buyers with just a fraction of number in comparison to the sales number registered in the first month. [caption id="attachment_385641" align="aligncenter" width="670"]Mahindra XUV300 Mahindra XUV300[/caption] Toyota scored the sixth position with 10,112 units while Ford was good for 6,515 units. Renault was good for 6,256 units and got the eighth position, staying behind Ford by a very small number. The number of units for the remaining six brands make them vulnerable to extinction at the time when norms are changing at such a fast pace. Here is the complete list of brands with their respective numbers.

Indian Car Sales Report

Brand-Wise Sales Figures (April 2019)

  1. Maruti: 1,31,385 units
  2. Hyundai: 42,005 units
  3. Mahindra: 18,901 units
  4. Tata Motors: 12,695 units
  5. Honda: 11,272 units
  6. Toyota: 10,112 units
  7. Ford: 6,515 units
  8. Renault: 6,256 units
  9. Volkswagen: 1,995 units
  10. Datsun: 1,509 units
  11. Jeep: 1,204 units
  12. Skoda: 1,126 units
  13. Nissan: 518 units
  14. Fiat: 54 units
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