BMW Unveils Latest R12 Cruiser

BMW Unveils Latest R12 Cruiser

BMW Motorrad has globally introduced the new R12 cruiser, expanding its heritage range with a more compact and visually distinct model. Serving as the smaller sibling to the premium R18 cruiser, the R12 boasts its own unique identity, featuring quintessential retro elements like a round headlamp, a boxy fuel tank, and a bulbous rear fender.

Design and Customization

Unlike its 1,800cc counterpart, the R12 has a more compact design, a shorter wheelbase, and reduced weight and it embraces retro aesthetics while offering a range of optional accessories for customization allowing riders to personalize elements such as wheels, seats, handlebars, and windscreens.

Powertrain and Performance

Powering the R12 cruiser is BMW's tried-and-tested 1,170cc boxer-twin engine, previously featured on the long-discontinued R1200GS and the engine receives enhancements with a new airbox, revised cylinder head covers, and a stylish pair of single-sided exhausts. The R12 incorporates a two-piece tubular bridge steel space frame, advanced electronics, and improved cycle parts showcasing a blend of old-school charm with modern performance. The front suspension is a modern adjustable setup, and Brembo provides the brakes. The cruiser rides on a 19-16-inch wheel combination adhering to the classic cruiser style.

Global Pricing and Indian Arrival

In the European market, the new BMW R12 cruiser is priced at £11,990 (approximately Rs. 12.70 lakh). However, details about its potential arrival in India have not been disclosed. While the R18 has made its presence in the Indian market, the status of the R12's introduction remains uncertain.

Distinctive Appeal and Riding Experience

With its distinctive design and a blend of heritage and modern features, the BMW R12 cruiser offers riders a unique and stylish option in the cruiser segment and the retro-inspired styling combined with advanced engineering provides a tempting package for enthusiasts looking for a cruiser with character as well as performance.
While the bike community around the world waits for more information the BMW R12 cruiser is a monument to the brand's dedication to providing a wide and appealing variety of bikes that suit a wide range of rider preferences.