BMW CE 02 Electric Moto-Scooter Revealed With 90km Range

BMW CE 02 Electric Moto-Scooter Revealed With 90km Range

BMW Motorrad has unveiled the CE 02, a quirky electric bike that is designed for urban commuting. The CE 02 is called an "eParkourer" by BMW, and it is clear that the company is pitching it as a fun and playful vehicle.

The CE 02 has a minimalist design, with a low seat height and small wheels. The bike is powered by an air-cooled, synchronous motor that produces 15 horsepower and 54.91 Newton meters of torque. The engine is powered by a pair of 1.96kWh air-cooled, lithium-ion batteries, which give the CE 02 a top speed of 95 kilometres per hour and a range of 90 kilometres.

The CE 02 can be fully charged in 3.5 hours using a 1.5kW fast charger. The bike is suspended by 37mm inverted telescopic forks up front and a single-sided aluminium swingarm with a direct-link monoshock in the rear. The CE 02 weighs 132 kilograms and has a seat height of 29.5 inches (749mm), making it easy to handle and manoeuvre for riders of all ages and sizes.

The CE 02 has a tiny 3.5-inch colour TFT display that shows all of the vehicle's information. BMW Motorrad has priced the CE 02 at USD 7,599 (Rs 6.23 lakh) in the US. 

Considering the price tag, it is unlikely that the CE 02 will be launched in a price-sensitive market like India anytime soon. The CE 02 is a unique and exciting electric bike that is sure to turn heads. However, its high price tag will likely limit its appeal to a small number of buyers.