Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheelers in India [July 2018]

Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheelers in India [July 2018]

List of Best-Selling 2-Wheelers in India: Top 10 two-wheelers sold in July 2018 are those familiar names that we encounter every day on the road. The numbers have changed slightly, going up for most entry-level products and leaving certain deserving products out of the list due to less demand. [caption id="attachment_196557" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Honda Activa 5G Honda Activa 5G[/caption]

Top 10 Best-Selling 2-Wheelers

Sales Report (July 2018)

  1. Honda Activa: 2,86,380 Units
  2. Hero Splendor: 2,60,865 Units
  3. Hero HF Deluxe: 1,83,694 Units
  4. Hero Passion: 88,354 Units
  5. Honda CB Shine: 86,160 Units
  6. Bajaj CT 100: 76,776 Units
  7. Hero Glamour: 74,553 Units
  8. TVS XL Super: 67,106 Units
  9. TVS Jupiter: 66,632 Units
  10. Bajaj Pulsar: 63,388 Units
As always, Honda Activa scored the first position with 2,86,380 units in July 2018. The number is smaller in comparison to the sales number that Honda posted last year. Hero Splendor, on the other hand, posted 2,60,865 units in sale during the same period. They had a positive month with more than 35,000 units getting added in comparison to the same month last year. [caption id="attachment_195545" align="aligncenter" width="850"]2018 Hero Super Splendor 2018 Hero Super Splendor[/caption] Hero HF Deluxe has made itself another sure shot seller with 1,83,694 units in July 2018, clearly hinting that both HF Deluxe and Splendor will have no problem finding 2 lakh buyers each month soon. Hero Passion, the fourth best selling product, got 88,354 units in this 31-day period. Honda CB Shine stood fifth with a marginal difference, scoring 86,160 units in July 2018. The Activa series has three models under that brand name while same is true for Splendor series. Honda CB Shine is also available in two different variants. Bajaj CT100, the most affordable motorcycle in India, scored the sixth position with 76,776 units. It was closely followed by Hero Glamour with 74,553 units in July 2018. TVS XL Super is a permanent member of this list, scoring 67,106 units and getting itself the eighth position. TVS Jupiter is the second scooter to enter this list with 66,632 units in the month while Bajaj Pulsar followed close with 63,388 units and got the tenth position. The popular products scoring lower numbers may get reflected in the individual top 10 motorcycles or scooter lists.