Bajaj V20 and V40 May Hit the Market Soon

Bajaj V20 and V40 May Hit the Market Soon

With the launch of V15, Bajaj has managed to make its presence felt deeply and sharply in the market. And Bajaj is going to make full use of its V series to continue to build its presence in the executive commuter segment. Despite carrying controversial looks, Bajaj V15 has received a positive response due to the use of metal derived from the Indo-Pak war era aircraft carrier INS Vikrant.

bajaj-v-heroic-redBajaj V20 and V40 May Hit the Market Soon

After a successful attempt with the V15, it is being speculated that Bajaj would be launching a 200cc V20 and also a 400cc V40. Rumors suggest that, Bajaj has got the engines at its disposal, so there would not be any investment in terms of development and cost. According to a statement by Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto, in a recent media interview, the next V executive commuter can hit the market in November 2016. He also said that the third commuter would then be out after six months. Although he didn't reveal any displacements for the next offerings by Bajaj but the metal derived from the INS Vikrant would continue to be there on upcoming V models’ fuel tanks as well. Mr. Bajaj is quite positive on the success that the V series can attract for at least next 2 years. Bajaj V

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