Bajaj-Triumph Bikes Global Launch on June 27 [India Launch Details Also Revealed]

Bajaj-Triumph Bikes Global Launch on June 27 [India Launch Details Also Revealed]

Bajaj Auto and Triumph announced their collaboration back in August 2017. The joint venture is now in its second phase, and recently, Bajaj Auto took over Triumph India's dealer network and its whole sales and marketing operations. This joint collaboration will result in a slew of new product launches. It uses Bajaj's local manufacturing prowess and Triumph's global engineering knowledge. 

As per the latest details available, Bajaj-Triumph will launch two all-new bikes outside India on June 27, 2023, while these motorcycles will be launched in India later this year in September. The pricing of the 250cc model could start around Rs 2.50 lakh, and the more premium 400cc model is expected to cost more than Rs 3.25 lakh in India.

A naked roadster was photographed testing in India a few weeks ago while a scrambler was earlier caught on tape. The prototypes have been in testing for over a year after being spied on in the United Kingdom as early as last year.

COVID put a brief halt to preparations but Bajaj and Triumph are now operational. The upcoming Bajaj-Triumph bikes would be competing against Royal Enfield's entry-level 350cc motorcycles. Bajaj has acquired Triumph India's business in India and intends to extend its presence to 200 dealerships over the next few years.

Triumph now operates only 15 dealerships in key cities. Because it may be capable of both on-and-off-roading, the Scrambler will likely appeal to a wide variety of buyers. The Roadster would appeal to young people on the go. 

These motorcycles would be getting front and rear disc brakes with a dual-channel ABS system. As seen in the most recent spy photos, both the motorcycles would come equipped with a semi-digital instrument console. We expect Bajaj-Triumph to equip multi-purpose tyres on the scrambler and road-biased on the roadster. We are expecting more spy photos and details in the coming weeks and would be sharing the same on our blog. Watch this space!


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