Bajaj Pulsar N160 Single-Channel ABS Variant Discontinued: Exclusive Update

Bajaj Pulsar N160 Single-Channel ABS Variant Discontinued: Exclusive Update

Insider information from our dealer sources confirms that Bajaj has made a deliberate decision to stop producing the single-channel ABS variant of the Pulsar N160 in reaction to changing market circumstances. When the Pulsar N160 was first introduced last year, it was available in two variants: single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. The prices of the former were Rs 1,22,854 and Rs 1,27,853 (ex-showroom), respectively. With its improved safety features, consumers found the dual-channel ABS version to be a more attractive option, particularly given the minimal difference of approximately Rs 5,000 between the two types.  Due to the shift in consumer preferences towards the dual-channel ABS variations, there was a major decline in demand for the single-channel ABS version. As a result, our sources indicate that Bajaj decided to stop selling the single-channel ABS model several months ago. At the moment, the Pulsar N160 can only be purchased with dual-channel ABS, which underlines Bajaj's dedication to putting safety first in its products. The Pulsar N160 with dual-channel ABS is currently available for Rs 1,30,560 (ex-showroom Delhi). The bike is offered at the same price point in three attractive colors: Racing Red, Caribbean Blue, and Brooklyn Black. This action is consistent with Bajaj's plan to simplify its product range to comply with consumer preferences and safety regulations.


1. The conclusion is that An analysis of Bajaj's strategic choice to end production of the Pulsar N160 single-channel ABS model.

2. Understanding customer preferences and market dynamics that contributed to the drop in demand for the single-channel ABS variation is known as market dynamics.

3. variance Pricing

A comparison of the costs for the dual-channel ABS version that is currently on the market and the single-channel ABS variation that was discontinued.

4. Consumer Shift

A look of how consumer preferences changed to prioritise safety concerns and move toward the dual-channel ABS type.

5. Ex-showroom Pricing

Information that gives prospective purchasers clarification regarding the current ex-showroom pricing of the Pulsar N160 with dual-channel ABS.

6. Color Options

Details concerning the Pulsar N160's possible colours, which include Caribbean Blue, Racing Red, and Brooklyn Black.

7. Emphasising Bajaj's devotion to giving safety features top priority in their lineup of motorcycles.

8. Strategic Product range

This section discusses how Bajaj's strategy of fine-tuning its product range in alignment with consumer preferences and market trends is supported by this action.

9. Customer feedback

Information obtained from dealers or internet platforms on any comments or reactions from customers regarding the discontinuation.

10. Effect on Resale Value

A discussion of how the withdrawal would affect the current single-channel ABS models' resale value in the secondary market.

11. Dealer insights

The procedure for making choices was discussed from the viewpoints of Bajaj dealers, who shared their views and consumer encounters.

12. Benefits of Dual-channel ABS

A brief overview of the safety features provided by dual-channel ABS, with a focus on the advantages it offers riders.  Analysis of Bajaj's communication on this move, including how it was explained to dealers and customers and whether any special offers were made while things were shifting.

13. Competitive Landscape

Analysis of how this choice compares the Pulsar N160 to competitors in the same market area, taking safety features and cost into account.

14. Future Product Strategy

It or analysis of Bajaj's potential Pulsar lineup products in light of changing market dynamics.  Details regarding the remaining inventory of the single-channel ABS type, if any, and the dealers' plans for handling it, if any. The 164.82cc single-cylinder, air-oil-cooled Bajaj Pulsar N160 is a well-known example of the business's dedication to producing motorcycles that are both powerful and fashionable. This fast machine, which shares its chassis with the Bajaj Pulsar N250, produces 16 PS and 14.65 Nm and boasts an attractive look in addition to great performance.  A spectacular riding experience is guaranteed by the motorcycle's engine, which has been adjusted for maximum performance. With features reminiscent of its bigger sibling, the Pulsar N250, the N160 draws attention thanks to its elegant bodywork and an array of attractive colour options. Other renowned motorcycles in this class, such as the Hero Xtreme 160R 4V, Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0, Suzuki Gixxer, and TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, are rivals of this model.

The withdrawal of the single-channel ABS type is in line with consumer preferences, which prefer the dual-channel ABS's increased level of safety. Many riders find the dual-channel variety to be a more reasonable option due to the marginal price difference of approximately Rs 5,000, which is helping to phase out the single-channel ABS variant over time. The Bajaj Pulsar N160, which is currently priced at Rs 1,30,560 (ex-showroom Delhi), is a tempting deal for riders looking for a balance between performance, safety, and flair.

The Pulsar N160, a member of Bajaj's expanding lineup, carries on the performance and reliability of the Pulsar series. Three attractive colours—Racing Red, Caribbean Blue, and Brooklyn Black—are available for the motorcycle, giving riders more options to customise their look.  The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is still a competitive option in the 160cc motorcycle class, whether riding wide roads or through cities. This bike is proof of Bajaj's dedication to offering value and excitement to riders all over the nation with its powerful engine, striking design, and compliance with existing rider expectations.


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Which is better Yamaha MT-15 V1 and Bajaj Pulsar N160?
2023-09-19 04:40:19 AM

It would be unfair to give a verdict on the Yamaha MT-15 V1 as the vehicle has been discontinued. On the other hand, the Bajaj Pulsar N160 comes with a punchy yet refined engine. The riding posture and ergonomics of the vehicle are great. It is the only bike in its segment with Dual-channel ABS. 

Is there any offer available for the Bajaj Pulsar N160?
2023-09-06 04:38:11 AM

Offers and discounts are provided by the brand or the dealership and may vary depending on your city. Thus, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized dealership in your city.

What is the CSD price of the Bajaj Pulsar N160?
2023-09-06 04:37:28 AM

The exact information regarding the CSD prices of the car can be only available at the authorized dealerships. We would suggest you to visit the nearest authorized dealership for further information. 

What is the maintenance cost of the Bajaj Pulsar N160?
2023-09-06 04:36:50 AM

For that, we'd suggest you to please visit the nearest authorized service center as they would be able to assist you in a better way.

What are the available colour options in Bajaj Pulsar N160?
2023-09-06 04:36:22 AM

Bajaj Pulsar N160 is available in 4 different colours - Brooklyn Black, Techno Grey, Caribbean Blue, and Racing Red.